Western Medicine by Rhonda L. Jackson



western medicine

You may not believe it but I am a staunch component of Western Medicine. I do believe that the doctors of Western Medicine are probably some of the best doctors in the world. BUT although the doctors of Western Medicine are well trained and impeccably monitored they are only human thus are capable of mammoth mistakes and acts of poor judgement. Then there is the AMA who has become a whore to health insurance companies and big pharma. So our doctors can be compromised!!! I heard a doctor say once that the only prescribed way he can treat his patients is by being intrusive (some damn pill that causes many side affects and will not cure the problem) or by an invasive measure using a scalpel!!! When I heard him say this I thought Rhonda it's time to be proactive instead of complacent about your health. I decided it was time to stop trusting doctors implicitly!!! One of my favorite TV shows is Greys Anatomy! One of the actors playing a doctor asked "Why do our patients trust us so much?" This I think is a good question!!! Should we as patients continue to trust our doctors implicitly? Should as patients we have ever had implicit trust in our doctors? With all of their education and there is a lot of education that goes into being a doctor the doctor does not know how you feel!!! Also doctors don't know your life nor do they care too often. I'm just saying there are many variables in one's health and well being and all should be considered before a pill is prescribed or a scalpel is used!!!

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