The Social Sessions: Chapter 1 – Building Homes…..Literally



A great vehicle for audience and community engagement, Social Sessions serves a greater purpose, as the proceeds will aid in the building of homes through Habitat for Humanity.

Realizing the need for an outlet where artists could give back to the community, Culture Clutch’s co-founders Rachel Glashan Rupisan and Caroline O’Brien launched an initiative, providing such a platform to socially conscious artists. From a hefty submission pool, the Temple University Dance graduates carefully selected a diverse group of artists whose works were multi-dimensional in their exploration of “home” and its effect on the human spirit.

Opening the program was the multi media presentation title Home, images of performers Rebekah Rickards and Ronald Parkers flashed across the screen in interactions that gave insight into a relationship on the verge of possible ruins. Seemingly taking place in a home in disrepair, the facially emotionless duo found ways to connect…if only briefly. A moment with Parker sitting in a chair, holding a picture-less frame left me melancholy, as I watched Rickards climb through the frame, working to invade the empty prop as if she were begging to be a part of the picture. Read More.

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