Strip a Poor Naked and Beat them up- Meet Indian Terrorists



Right beside Birth Place of Gandhi and Motherland of big mouth PM Narendra Modi,they beat up poor by Stripping them on Street,Meet New terrorist Makers of my incredible India,Also featuring Hindu Fanatics.



Meet the New Terrorist making Factory in India Promoted by PRIME MINISTERS Friends-

This is India and in India, land of Gandhi and Narendra Modi -GUJARAT- Where coalition partners of Ruling BJP [party of PM Modi] can beat up low cast Dalits by   ,Dragging them to square -strip them and tie them up to tell story of Incredible and Clean India that our PM tells the world. Beating up poor,Dalits and helpless and Raping their women is a common act in Gujarat and no one bothers about it,list it bothers to PM from this great Gandhian state of India.

Cherry on the Top is ,this beating is done by very own friend party SHIVSENA,which is a coalition partner of BJP in another state Maharashtra.

World Human rights organizations must look into this state of Gujarat ,which is fast developing into Mafia and cast ridden Sicily of India and verge of Violence Volcano.THE ONLY CRIME of these guys is, they were removing Skin from dead body of COW-which is a so called God Deity in this state,where on the name of Vegetarianism,they can beat up poor,whose profession is removing skin from dead animal bodies. What a height of Vegetarianism inspired Violence.This is not at all internal issue of India as killing Blacks is not limited to USA only or Terrorism to France.

This very mentality creates Terrorists in long run and one should not surprise,if we find Dalit Terrorist groups taking revenge from upper cast,Thanks to our Prime Minister Modi,busy telling the world-story of Modern Incredible India .

Fact is India even with a proud history and present have a long way to go to get rid of Politicians and Prime Ministers,who come to power by exploiting the same DALIT and later allow our own outfit SHIVSENA to torture them on name of Holy Cow Protection.

These Guys call themselves HINDU and are worst then Terrorists, as Indians chose their goons to assembly and parliaments.

[CRIMINAL BY CHOICE is based on such Politicians ,who sponsors Human trafficking and Slavery In India]


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