Essay on Fiction



Me talking about the beauty of the written words that resides in the minds of creative people

Fiction, especially in books is the source of escape from the mundane, in novels, we run away from the constrictions of reality and deluge into worlds where reality meets imagination and transforms into a space of wonders. So what is so special in fiction as a genre, what makes us love it so much, and what makes fiction, fiction? Let’s try and answer all these questions in many beautiful words.

      Books of fiction are made special by their content, they give us space and characters that live in it, and our mind is engaged in the life of someone else that does not exist. Novels distract us from ourselves, and that is quite a feat considering that we are at times so much consumed with ourselves. Fiction gives us a breath of fresh air, an escape into the unreal, into a place where everything could happen. Of course not every book can create this sensation but the fact alone that some books can send you so far into the mind of another person, and still preserve a sense of yourself in the creativity of someone else is spectacular. For example, the world of Kafka gets you with its darkness but lets you ponder on what freedom actually means.

    Love is a very strong bond of affection, which is rarely formed between beings, and yet we sometimes get infatuated with characters or locations. First of all, books have the charm of mystery about them, they are pages filled with the soul of their writer, all the passion all the effort put into it, in just black characters on a white paper you get to see the insides of the brain which holds so many secrets. But a mystery is not all they have; books give us exactly what we crave for, acts of courage, beauty, wit, and tenderness. Books contain something we strive for; they contain the perfect life we always wanted to have, they contain characters we want to be like. In a way, works of fiction are the only places where we can meet and fall in love with the better version of ourselves. Reading the Greek myths, makes you fancy yourself as a god or as a great hero, reading romantic stories lets you fall in love with perfect men or women.

      In the end one question remains, what makes fiction, fiction, and to be honest with you I believe that this question has more than one answer, just like the questions showcased earlier, each of them has different answers for you to find. For me it’s the access to other worlds, to others it’s in the great lessons that works of fiction teach us, for a third party it could be in the action or in many other aspects.

      The time to draw a conclusion has come, and there are several things that I would like to leave you with, first is , read books that you enjoy, books that make you feel special, books that make you a better you, secondly let yourself consumed in the books, let your imagination take shapes and transform, let it flow like  water, and thirdly and ultimately, enjoy fiction for what it is for you and not for what it is to the dictionary or to the smarter people, it’s their definitions, and if fiction is about something in particular , then it is about you.


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