A Portion of that Supreme shall be born as Sri Kalki at the end of Kali juxtaposed with the beginning of Satya Yuga

yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srijamy aham
Bhagavad Gita 4.7-8

ADVENT of Kalki is mentioned in various scriptures and prophecies that have their source in hereditary unwritten knowledge as with most historical facts of the times immemorial, the essential crux remaining the same despite the time period and the authors having been no contemporaries to each other. They all agree that Kalki would be born at a time when all kings and rulers of earth will have degenerated in to plunderers as the son of Vishnuyasa, a Brahmin of Shambala, objectively meaning the son of a True Vaishnavite, a Twice-Born and belonging to a Divine Congregation among the less than ordinary people of his times. Kalki shall be the Lord of the universe, riding a swift horse Devadatta [an Airplane] with a sword [a metaphor for sharp brain] in hand travelling over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic powers and eight special qualities of Godhead [beginning with compassion], displaying His unequalled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves and rogues [giving them a run for their wickedness unto death] who have dared dress as kings.


GLOBAL scriptural and prophetic indications point to the fact that Sri Kalki would be in his late fifties when he makes himself known to public of his arrival which was to coincide with planetary conjunction [coming together of sun, moon, jupiter and venus] such as the one that took place in the year 2012. The endeavour of Sri Kalki would be to first educate the masses in SANATANA DHARMA through all available modern means and wait for sometime to allow people to assimilate the importance of proper conduct of individual lives in consonance with collective consciousness that had to expand in the light of Kali's slow exit from earth. As with the emergence of any human effort on earth, Sri Kalki could face much difficulties and stiff resistance if he were to directly assert himself as a person ordained to bring about massive changes in future human actions involving everyday life of truth, values and virtues. Further difficulty for Sri Kalki would be in the form of too many fake claimants to the title, Sri Kalki and the presence of false gurus aggrandising themselves in the name of God, Yoga, Tantra, Kriyas and Tapas. Though initially He would encounter lot of impediments en route His Ordained Advent, ultimately he would come out unscathed with all materialistic and worldly disturbances caused to Him.


WHILE some vedic scholars are of the considered opinion that one single birth may not be enough or sufficient [Two or even Three consecutive births is suggested] for Sri Kalki to complete His Ordained Mission, the Puranas [mostly allegorical] are emphatic in stating that He would finish His work within a lifetime and return to Vaikunta, His permanent Abode. Whatever, it be, Sri Brahmangaru has mentioned in his Kalagnanam that it would be difficult even for Lord Shiva descending on earth to detect Sri Kalki who will possess the ability to differentiate between those adhering to their inner self conscience [devout] and those who do not [non believers]. End of His days, Sri Kalki would have reestablished Sanatana Dharma on earth as did His predecessors as Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Sri Adishankara Bhagavadpada placing Akhanda Bharat in the forefront of global nations that would endure a thousand odd years of Golden Age. Sanatana Dharma will rule the roost in all nations of the world bringing together smaller and bigger world religions into the fold of Universal Brotherhood and a sort of Pantheistic Order in which no religion transgresses other(s). Krita Age or Satya Yuga has just begun for us all and in about five decades, there will be total transformation into the future world order that will require no big brother or forceful law to embrace diverse global races into a unified whole. Golden Age would assure least disturbance to nature, occurrence of regular seasons & monsoons, fertility & potency of seed & soil, respect to elders & performance of Pithru rites, performance of religious yagnas & rituals.


IN the upcoming Seventies, there will be only two faiths, Gnostic & Agnostic. No place for non believers anymore, EVERYONE would praise the Lord and construct very many 'temples' [please read 'religious congregations']  in every nook and corner of the world !





Jai Satya Yuga


Jai Sri Kalki


Hari Om


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