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This blog was written for use by Polaris on word press. Happy valentines, hope you enjoy

Valentines is all about love and romance, love comes in many forms but what a better way to start a valentines music blog than with dedication of song to couples..

1. The couple's who are with ''the one'''... 

For you I chose the song — Celine Dion- My heart will go on 

Granted the film that accompanies this song gives the song association with a melancholy tone, however the lyrics in the song capture the essence of true love. She expresses in this song how she dreams about, feels, and knows that the love is eternal. True romantic love is pure, and is also eternal because it does not judge. I can not simply pick one song that fits each. There is potentially 100 for each. I think second top of the list is earned by the classic BT Dreaming. - If you listen to it you will understand why.


2. For the ones who were definitely not with the one

The emotional charge behind each of these songs can be felt, music dedicated love which didn't work out. RIP Amy :( — if you are in a relationship, or have recently left one in which you are used to feeling hurt, then you will likely be able to relate to each of these.

Amy Winehouse — Fuckery
Adele — first love 

3. The hopelessly in love

I could not think of anything worse than being hopelessly head over heals for someone who probably doesn't feel the same.  .......Ok. I lie. We've all been there once, maybe twice, maybe we are now.... Someone on your mind all the time? To the hopeless in love I dedicate

Carlie Ray Jepson — I really like you 

The lyrics ''I really really really really really like you, I want you, to want me to want me too''......

CRINGEE.... Just ewww.. (that's too much).... but the songs a hella catchy and a hella cute, so I give it a thumbs up. The worst thing about it is that everyone can see how pretty she is, she can probably find a host of potential partners #loveiscrazy #orjustblind

And in second place we have Adele again 

4. lustful love ....

You might also call this the sexually addicted kind of love...
Love and sex are biologically addictive. It is difficult for many, especially for women (due to the difference in hormones released during sexysexy time) to distinguish between the two. For the lustful I have nothing more to say to you other than -- I didn't know that I was starving till I tasted you...

For this section many great songs sprung to mind, for the second at first I thought to be a tough choice between Ain't my fault by Zara Larson and Enigma — principles of lust, though I decided it could rightfully be neither... The title of most lustful song is rightfully crowned onto Engima — Mea culpa

The — words in this song mean something like .....''lord have mercy, I can't sleep, I want you, take me I'm yours, my sin, I want to explore all fantasy, I am crazy, I give in''

5. The cheesy couples
For all you happy cheesy couples out there, this one's for you, and Its just amazing! E.B.G.T (the dance version of course!) Just another great song which proves again that love is blind. People don't tend to fall in love when they are looking for it, its one of those things that just happens. Can't get much cheesier than this next banger — Take that, everything changes but you. - banger mush!
6. Self lovers
There ain't no love like self love. In fact it is said that we can not truly love another without first loving ourselves.  For this I dedicate LMFAO — I'm sexy and I know it, and feeling myself (as egotistical as they might be) — everyone loves a little ego stroking from time to time, all be it superficial

7. Sad singletons

Some people love nothing more than to put on an emotional song and sink deeper into sadness. In theory this may be useful, since to move forward from pain, or to let it flow outward it must be felt. These two songs are so touching, definitely worth a listen to. I miss you like the deserts miss the rain, by SADE  and only time by Enya If you're feeling a little unemotional, crack one on, guaranteed to make you feel something.

The next half of this article looks at some of the many forms of love..... We can love humanity, the planet, friends, family, religion (a God or spirit based love)

8. Love of Spirit and/or Religion

These kinds of songs are seriously underrated. Firstly I would like to devote the first space to Enigma — return to innocence, produced 23 years ago this is one of my favorite songs of this nature 

In second place is Web of Life 

9. Love for human kind

Rasta music of course fits in here.... Couldn't have said it better than Bob with One love Though this genre is not restricted to a race, and I particularly love Russian reggae music by Bezza

10.Love for family and friends 

Couldn't say it better than Chris Martin does in Big Deal 

10. Those who love party 

The venga boys we like to party.... and of course Freak like me which can turn people wild on the dance floor

11. Love for truth/ music with a message

And to finish the blog, those who love ''real'' music — as in music with a message. Seed will grow by miss Dynamite is one good example but my favorite, possibly my favorite song of the year is Monika — Po Dangum

This Lithuanian song not only has a beautiful sound, but has some of the deepest lyrics I have heard for a long time.  (below this is the beginning of the English translation for the song)

The time doesn’t exist, this is just our fate — to count
The lie don’t exist, but somehow we learned how to lie
The air exists, but somehow sometimes we stop to breathe
The love is alive, just we not always devote ourselves to it
The fog in the eyes.. The bottom in the head
I stand under the sky, I try to remember
What it means to open the eyes, and do not want to die
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