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Stand up .. What are You doing? Are You suffocating? Stop it ! Look at yourself nobody is here ... Only You .. You are killing yourself by this way of thinking .. Life is short You should enjoy it even if You have fucking problems .. Try to burn them ... Be a soul of lion , stop letting these idiots put You down ... You have qualities .. Great qualities And You can show them to this ugly world ... Nobody else here can see what You really can see in yourself ... Fall down seven times but stand up Eight ... Difficulties mean nothing in front of your dreams .. Play Every game Like it's your last ... You are a dreamer ... I'm a dreamer .. This what we are living for ! How much You are going to work or how hard it is .. Mean nothing ... But that dream that You are hiding in your mind that's POSSIBLE ... Be fearless ... Dream more ... You can Be what You really want so don't make limits to your mind ... The challenge is to silence these negative vibes in You .. A long road for a dream that will change your life ... When You fail it's not the end but it's another chance with experience ...

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