Let's have one more European Army Now



Wow...instead of ending the stupid wars and Weapon Race,world is soon going to have one more EU Army,as NATO being slave to USA , no one anymore trusts NATO Army to save them from Terrorism,knocking the doors of EUROPE.

As UK is out of EU, Weapon dealers having field day and preparations are on to have a EU Army.

As NATO blackmailing EU Countries to spend 2% of GDP to protect themselves,it is much easier for EU to have a Joint Army.

What does it mean?

It means more money drained down the Weapon Manufacturing and bribes to all decision making people in EU and member countries.

This is how world of Global Politics operates, they meet and divide only to benefit Global Syndicated Mafia .

The day people will know this,they'll know that Terrorists are far less criminals then Leaders who are promising them a decisive war against Terrorism.

[CRIMINAL BY CHOICE is dedicated to fight against organized Global Political Terrorism and Youngsters trying to fight their way out of this Mafia]

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