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Federal Government Handouts

OK here I go again stirring up shit but I simply don't care!! If the party of the narcissist would reframe from saying stupid shit I would stop stirring it up, so there! I started working at age 14 (really started at age 9 but I didn't start being paid with a check until I was 14). I worked at a laundry folding sheets and towels. To this day I like to fold sheets and towels. At any rate, when I got my first paycheck I read the entire check (I have always been a reader) so when I saw FICA was taking money from my check every two weeks I went to my parents and asked to in the world is this FICA person and why am I giving them my money. Now I was still in Junior High so I hadn't taken civics or government yet so I needed answers. My parents told me that money was for my retirement and when I turned 65 I would get that money back. Now at 14 I hadn't even thought about retirement and retirement funds I just wanted my damn money back on my check! I realize now what a tiny amount it must have been because the total amount for the year was only $34.00 but it WAS my damn money! Now fast forward some years and I realize I am not able to do the job I had done for years so I decided to retire. Now the government has changed the rules! Then the crazy Republicans are saying that I have to continue to work maybe change some diapers for people older than me with more money! NOW I AM PISSED because I went to college and finished and ALWAYS worked on responsible jobs for a decent salary BUT because I am a Black Female I was paid 70 or 75% of what my white male or white female earned. So when I earned 30,000/ year they earned 50,000/year or more!! I didn't matter that I always learned my craft and probably did a better job the color of my skin and the fact that I have a vagina not a penis made me less deserving of being paid!! SOOOOO when I hear crazy republicans say I don't deserve to get my money I say BITE ME and those companies (ALLSTATE, SW BELL, MHMRA, HOUSTON ISD) put that 25 to 30% of money in my FICA account!!

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