Blacks, Minorities, Poor, Dalits- identify your true Enemy



If Blacks,Whites,Majorities and Minorities must identify their True Enemies, Their true Enemies sit in their Parliaments and Poverty is their biggest weakness ,which makes them victims of Exploitation.

Fact is, no one is being exploited or harassed or killed by Police on streets because they are Black,White,Muslim or Minority in USA or India?

All these atrocities are happening only because Victims are Poor.

The way police officer shot dead a School Canteen Supervisor in USA ,if he would have been son or daughter of same Black president.

Or will BJP activists would have stripped a Dalit or Backward Class Leader or Businessman and beaten up publicly in UNA village of India,if even he would have been eating a COW?

No they would have not and they never will.

As only people available to abuse  and Kill are Poor.

So Poor must know that their only crime is not being black or white ,Muslim or DALIT, their only crime is being Poor.

So One Politicians supporter will beat up them on streets and another will come to meet their families and make it a TV coverage opportunity.

This is how Politics in India and USA, Politicians are always for or against an 'opportunity'- they have nothing to do with your dignity,they want you to remain backward and exploited,as you are just a Lolly Pop,that they will lick and throw.

So Never think White,Black or Police cops are your enemies,Identify your true enemy,they sit in Parliaments in your country, they are defeated by Votes only ?

So use your intelligence and see that enemies of world are same all over and they all work under as unofficially sponsored human trafficking-drugs and Terror Syndicate.

["CRIMINAL BY CHOICE" exposes this criminal nexus where Terrorism meets International Politics]

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