To fit in the norm



No such word as normal is there? I really don't fit,way too many labels in society, and way to many we put on ourselves.

No such word as normal is there? I really don't fit, I was reading an article online on how to promote one's business through business Networking. 

One should go to their meetings though some are costly at over $600 a year, exclusive for the woman.  That's 6 months pay for me. While others say I have to be living in the set area to attend, like um, are no.

I have never really ever have fitted in the norm, after all, I do see the living and the dead for a living is that normal.  In my mother's time if one said you talked to the dead you would be locked up in a mental  Elysium and the key is thrown away or even worse.  I was a kid who grew up with a mother receiving electric shock therapy for the voices in her head, or my mother believing that the devil had possessed her, the joys of being brought up in a strict catholic Irish family, not for her anyway.

Sometimes I struggle with fitting in, for years I never discussed with people on what I saw or felt, it was better to not say anything, I think the fear of damnation or the fear of electric shock therapy took that away from me.  Most of my childhood is a blur, it's like I never live it.

Whenever I did mention on what I saw, I was always told I had a vivid imagination. I did not always see pleasant things, and sometimes the bruises were unexplained, I seemed to have been a very accident-prone child and as an adult.  Of course, one got a label for that one.

Today as I am painting my home, thinking what to create, all I am thinking about will it fit in with the norm, resale value. F the norm. After all, I am mad hatter when it comes to painting and creating one's life.

I have spent a lifetime trying to fit in, even with my family.  I do not and never will, I am a loner there with my own siblings.  After all, I am different as I have been told. I think one does not like to be told what mum and dad think on the other side.  Dad has a strong opinion even more so dead.  Mum was great though I heard her saying I needed a drink, cuppa tea. I feel today all I have done is have a bloody cup of tea.

I also do not fit in the society norm as such re what I do for a living, I did not ask to do this or did I, a lesson in that one I thinks, God has a plan he has, he did when I died as a baby.  That life purposes thing again, I think I want to scream on that one. My life purpose is to live and write, get the word out, to stop using bloody labels.

I sat down once and counted how many medical labels I had in a lifetime and also how many from society and ones one puts on themselves, it scared me.  The only reason I did this as I am writing a book "A stone in my shoe", on the labels that I was given that caused a lot of health issues in my life, in reality with those labels I should either be in a wheelchair, which I am not, or dead. 

We all get so caught up fitting in that it drags us down, I am proud of who I am and where I come from after all I am me, a Keltic Gypsy that lives in a bus called Keltic Star. 

Please be proud of you, throw out those labels, do not own them, once you own them you are stuffed for life.  We all have a choice, I choose to walk and walk I do.

This is a mantra I use on myself and my coaching clients.

I do not take ownership of ________________________ it is not mine to own, it wasn't mine to own in the first place I send it back with love, light and *laughter, I ask __________________(whoever you believe in) to clear it from my cellular level, heart and my soul with much gratitude and blessings.

 *(note re laughter, cause we took it in the first place, what a joke that was)

If you want to ask me anything re-labels don't hesitate to ask, I am off to design my bus.




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