Being Cajun in a Crazy World



Hey, it's where I was born.


If any of you know the Cajun motto, Laissez les bons temps rouler, then I can imagine you are not surprised that we Cajuns haven’t been producing many military geniuses or great presidential prospects. Of course there are those crazy ass Cajuns that buck the general rule, but if you look at the Wiki list of Famous Cajuns you will find, that about 50 of them are known for Arts, Culture and Entertainment. There are less than 10 on the list known for their work in Law or Politics, only 7 for military exploits or expertise (and one of those was an enlisted man who was a medic for Easy Company in WWII — I consider it the height of cosmic irony that a Cajun, John A. Lejeune, “is often referred to in the present day as being the "greatest of all Leathernecks" and the "Marine's Marine.") And of course there are more than 20 folks under the sports category, which, truly, I would put into the Arts, Culture and Entertainment area myself.

But truly, even the most famous of the famous Cajuns don’t rank way up there on most all time lists – how Tom Landry got on that list, me, I don’t know, even though the name Landry has deep roots in Cajun Ancestry. We don’t seem to be built much for fame, and that’s just fine with me. After all, one of the problems of fame is being too well known, and if you are too well known it’s kinda hard to move about freely and just have fun.

So, you want to be a Cajun and not make the world a more crazy place? Consider the following:

  • Sky-diving is not Cajun.
  • You can find plenty of Cajuns on the water, not so much in the water.
  • Learn that the Holy Trinity is about cooking, not God.
  • Understand how a shotgun can shoot 5 times running from the same hole when the game warden isn’t there.
  • Support Ducks Unlimited.
  • Red meat ain’t bad for you; green meat is.
  • After butchering the hog, there is nothing left to throw to the chickens.
  • There was no overarching political structure governing Cajun life, nor was there any purely Cajun political organization at the local level.
  • An authentic seven-course Cajun meal, it's said, is a pound of boudin and a six-pack of beer.
  • A typical Cajun quote; "The rest of the world just been a 'ti slow in catching up with the good things in life."
  • "An authentic Cajun is one who anticipates the start of the crawfish season as much as his wedding night."


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