Millennials by Rhonda L. Jackson




As the grandchildren of Baby Boomers Millennials have some big shoes to fill and I think for the most part they are up for the job and very capable. Now baby boomers we have to remember what little shits we were! We thought we knew everything and we were the generation who did things that our parents only dreamed about. We witnessed a lunar landing so we had lofty dreams and goals! Now the millennials have even greater challenges than we did. They witnessed the first Black President so their worlds are even bigger and better. We had parents who were married for life and grand parents who were married for life and everybody gave us shit! As baby boomers we got more toys more gadgets and were children longer than our parents or grandparents! I was born when my mother was still in her teens I was a lot older my son was born almost twice my mother's age! I think sometimes as baby boomers we envy the millennials because we had gadgets where as they have real equipment that they know how to operate. Our gadgets entertained us but their equipment informs as well as entertains the millennials! I remember one of my mother's friends having problems with her VCR and my 4 y/o niece said to her "Mrs. Woods, I can fix that for you." Mrs. Woods told her, "No 4 y/o will tell me how to fix anything." Now we baby boomers have to come to terms with people that are our children and grandchildren who know things that we have more little or no information about. I was getting a pizza the other day and this lady who said she was 43y/o (I thought she was early to mid 30's) and she had ordered a pizza online and the order did not go through for some reason. The manager of the pizza place was probably in his early to mid twenties(I could tell this because 40 was old to him)! This lady was angry and rightly so because her order should have been ready by the time she arrived at the store (about 45 minutes) and she had given them an additional 15 minutes and her pizza was still unmade!!! She was livid!!! The twenty year old manager tried to explain to her it wasn't his fault (and it probably wasn't) the lady was trying to tell him that she knew it wasn't his fault but it was his responsibility (which is very true)! The discourse that ensued became heated and ended with the lady saying, "That's what wrong with you millennials you are so arrogant." Now the young manager was a bit arrogant but aren't just about all twenty year olds arrogant? I remember being 'a know it all' arrogant twenty year old! As I witnessed this while waiting for my pizza I knew I had to say something to this young man. This is what I said, "You have natural charm and your natural charm will take you places where your intelligence and education can't take you!! You will go far in life with that natural charm. As a manager you have to apologize for shit that you did not do and did not have control over! And you were a bit arrogant but you're a kid!" He thanked me for my opinion and gave me some dipping sauce free! So I say to fellow baby boomers cut the millennials some slack!!!

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