/ Greed!


When I am at a lost for something to write GREED unearths another layer giving me something a subject!!! Now anyone who reads any of my rants knows how much I loathe health insurance companies! But the greed that permeates American society and possibly the world today is astonishing tenuous! Now I am a fan of Facebook and I have many friends and one of those friends works in aviation! This friend posted a post today talking about a prince's plane he boarded to make repairs on that had gold fixtures on it! He said this prince had a TOILET made of GOLD!!! I am just asking why would anyone need to do their business in a toilet made of gold? Allergic to porcelain? The extremely wealthy are always talking about wealth distribution which is just a dog whistle saying, "I got tons of money that I don't want to pay taxes on because I am locked in the grasp of greed and paying my fair share of taxes makes me appear to give a damn about poor people!" Now many other not so wealthy people concur with ridiculous rationale because someday they maybe wealthy, too!!! I say like Jesse Jackson, "Keep hope alive!" So assholes like this prince who poops in toilets made of gold while children of his country starve to death!! See that's the thing with greed it blinds the greedy from seeing anyone else's suffering. I have said it before and I will say it again, "When greed enters the room human compassion leaves the building!!!" That's why Prince Who Gives a Damn, can buy a toilet made of gold! You see greed is like that crab being boiled slowly the crab does not realize it is being cooked until it is done!! So even the 1% who are benefitting from the greed frenzy will be consumed by this same greed in some way. GREED FEEDS it the greedy think they are not being fed on by greed but they are!! So the people who are the wealthiest WILL BE CONSUMED BY THER OWN GREED BECAUSE GREED FEEDS!!!

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