Village (Morning People)



A piece of a project that I'm working on (Morning People)

It all got me thinking, what if? What if not here, not now, not with these people? What would it possibly look like then? So far away from everything, that's what it would look like. Simple lives, I thought, but I had no idea. There's no such thing as simple, everything's complicated. I'm from the city, how was I to know?

I was too afraid to step outside since I was just beginning to get warm. All of our clothes were damp. We were drowned in a heavy fog. We'd decided to camp around the countryside, up in the mountains. Only locals knew about that area, that very small village. Sasan and Mustafa discovered it on one of their trips. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful when you stand on top of the hill. I could only see a few minutes of sunrise, and I never saw the sunset. The valley looks dreamy, Sasan said and we camped there. We got stuck in the clouds, and all we could see was the white mist. We were standing at the beginning of the rain, where it would all take place. They had forecasted the rain on the news. We simply hoped they'd be wrong.

Still, it sounded odd to shiver from the cold when it was only August. People were getting sun baths in south, bodies covered in oil and sweat, and yet not giving up on the sun and sandy beaches. Food is ready, Cenk said. Cem, I'm not so sure. That could be the best news I've ever heard. No one says no to food. People used to have wars over it, they still do in a way. People fight over everything anyways. I don't really follow the news but it's impossible not to hear about it. Attacks and explosions happen in front of our eyes, in our town, our city. They count the exact number of dead bodies. They could tell you how many were injured too, and if they'd die soon. They say it on the news, loud and proud as if you should applaud them for their hard work on counting all the dead ones. They could say the good news, that food is ready somewhere. 

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