The Quest for Adept Mastery



A letter to the future of creation.

Dear "The Distance There Is",

As I plan to construct a pallet shed under the brooding boughs, I am coming for you.
I will consume what it takes, perform what it must.

If I have seen anything worth learning from the psychopaths life has thrown in, it is that YOUR OWN WAY RULES — if and only if it is beneficent to others, which most the time is easier to do right than to say you will.

And from what working in a DIY store has taught me, is that people are more talented than they know. The women of a certain age who overcame trepidation and saw themselves able to use axes and sledgehammers to split wood with splinter wedges, the pensioners who know exactly what vague products work for them and how they would use them, and the young people with their first taste of jobs to do that nobody told them to do...

What can I tell you from reading these disparate groups of people on a daily basis? Does this inspire me with vague, grandiose language...?

Along a secret labyrinth of methods unseen, material perceived, gathered, broiling, to stew a most nourishing recipe of life and time well spent. And money well spent, though sometimes lost.

Whatever it may be to constitute whoever I am, the end game is a mastery of adeptitude. Adeption, adaption (as distinct from ineptitude), is merely a resolve to conflate building with thinking, graft and intellectualism, the craft and the stone, to bridge environment with mind, from the mind's side of the shore — as it was in times when crafting the bridge was not so obvious a task.

Shops themselves are made of words. Even if the only information provided with some products is a price sticker, their desired function is a description based around words — even if the product is not named and  has to be found in one of several departments.

The environment is merely all that is shown, and just like with words, you can learn what needs to be shown, for yourself and others. It has a common source of self, but aligns to principles and observed patterns in the dimension of practicality, neglected more by this digital age. It can follow the impractical deeply engraved patterns of non-physical weave. Repetition develops the means for anything to become real.

What is most priceless about the cost of tools, and a lot rarer, is the gumption to use them effectively. Those that do find themselves paid to use them for others. But what if their fee was reincorporated as purchase of tools and accelerated self-driven learning?

As long as you're learning, and commit to it, you can do anything. If you're not doing enough, do more. The more you do, or the more you see there is to do, the greater you can improve your quality of life, car, surroundings, or mind-space, by taking jobs, tasks or quests on for yourself and/or others.

Skills pile on skills unrelated to what was originally the task: the philosophical grit of insourcing life is self-discipline. The difficulty lies in demonstrating an adept grasp of whatever it is, and because these are so shrouded in mystery, their purpose seems an unbearable break from the mediocrity of specialisation.

Climber? Painter? Mycologist? Scholar? Carpenter? Waiter? Hardware salesman? Van driver? Mechanic?... Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy...?

Any human endeavor is additive to an agent of creation, which is both who and what anyone actually is. An agent of advance persuasion will eschew the dreary nothingness of specialisation to any one particular field. The polymaths are coming — and they can do everything themselves.

Through tenacity of will, passion will avail a trail in the wake of every successes — however small or amateurish. In accumulation, the unique qualities of an individual are displayed by their agency as creators. All are agents of creation, there is no secret to this but the system we operate within that causes undermining of ourselves, others, and writing-off of everybody's own abilities.

Much of this is to do with time, but since time is a human construct that differs from rhythm in nature, it would appear to be one more excuse to pass things off without completing them. Certainly seems to be the case with every creative that finds more projects than can be provided for by hours in the day. An elegant solution is to disbelieve in the virtues of time to provide the freedom to create with reduced boundary restrictions.

So in conclusion, I refuse to confine myself to a benign, banal corner of specialist capability, as has been indoctrinated by society for many decades prior to my own existence.

In turn, I vow to gain every different ability I can source from within — and gain a grounding for the practicalities of do it yourself from the angle of a mind doing itself — again and again and again...!

OK for now. Be excellent to the jurisdiction of reality, it's completely yours to create with words, blood, sweat, tears, oil-based solvents, and all other organic solvents and ejaculates.


A x


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