The Footprint of America



The impact of modern nations across the world.

Throughout modern history the United States of America has had an undeniable impact across the world. Some of these impacts have occurred on an active level shaping events, places and people to fit needs while others have been felt only as a repercussion of events within the domestic borders of the USA. Other regions of the world have felt the presence of the USA without ever even meeting a citizen of the USA. This level of impact is extraordinary and often understated.

There are persons throughout the world who have benefited from the existence of the USA while there are also those whose lives have been negatively impacted and in some cases ruined due to the financial and political policies of the USA. These range from the French Revolution in which the French people saw a foreign land (USA) go against the monarchy and show that the people could lead themselves. This was a spark in which helped to ignite this revolution. This range could even extend to the resources of region being exploited for the capitalistic gains of the USA and even to the point of a region being war torn due to the USA’s involvement.

This former example is a focal point of the Japanese classic, “Godzilla”. In the film, a large reptilian creature terrorizes Japan and in particular Tokyo. The implication that this creature was either awoken or mutated by American Hydrogen Bomb testing is made by a main character who represents older generation scientific values. The film spends a significant amount of time emphasizing the point of the irresponsible use of advanced technology as a form of weaponry. While the point of responsible use of technology is put out there for the viewer it is only due to another advanced technology that once weaponized is able to destroy Godzilla.

“Godzilla” was released during a time period where the country of Japan was still reeling from the two atomic bombs the United States of America had unleashed upon the country. While the bombs had achieved their goal in ending World War II in a somewhat accelerated manner, they had unleashed a new brand of horror. A brand in which those who weren’t killed immediately would die a prolonged death due to radiation sickness. Fears would begin to arise of a great further destruction upon the cities of Japan. Not only would Godzilla come to epitomize these fears but the creature would emerge from the Pacific Ocean which lies in between Japan and the United States of America.

While “Godzilla” is a signature Japanese film of the era which spawned an entire genre of film which continues to today, it is most certainly a product of the beginning of the dominant age of The United States of America. While Godzilla is hailed as the “King of Monsters”, he is incapable of dealing out the level of destruction that was dealt out in the real world and continues to today.



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