Man Talk — What If We Could Talk To The Animals



Move over David Attenborough, their is a new breed of animal explorer, who believes the next step in our research into how animals really live, is to move in with them. How else will we find out the truth about Cats and dogs and all our othe furry friends


We've all heard the phrase it's a dogs life, but have you ever stopped and thought just what Is a dogs life, and is it really that bad? Or what about staying out until the cows come home. Just what time do the the cows role in. Now people like Writer Charles Foster , are, as they say trying to put some meat on that particular bone by literally living like animals. From Badgers to Foxes and Red Deer. Under the very loose description of a social experiment. Mr Foster and several
Other writers are experimenting with 'Trans-Speciesism' or going full animal, and living the animal life. From living in a hole In the ground to existing on a diet of worms. Calling them intrepid isn't the word for these wildlife explorers crazy might be.

To give a example of their dedication to their task. One guy went full goat including costume hoofs and living on a hill. Just so he could get into the role. Talk about giving it 'The full Donkey' These crackpots are also prepared to actually live like a pig they can write about it and share the experience. I'm not sure just how far they are prepared to go to live the urban Fox dream, but from the little titbits I've heard such as they lived in a hole in the ground hid from humans and deficated as and when. Gives you a hint that they took the project pretty seriously, even scavenging for food from bins at night was how they fed themselves. . The inference being that when your living like a fox you've got to do what you've got to do.

We are without doubt a nation of animal lovers, and anything that helps to strengthen that connection is required TV viewing. You only have to look at the audience figures for anything starring David Attenborough. Or an episode of SuoerVets, and you know your onto a ratings winner And when Paul O'Grady turns up at the batterd dogs home Social Media goes into meltdown. We might like the fly on the wall approach to our wildlife documentaries. But are we ready to see someone actually moving in and living the animal life.

Getting close to nature is nothing new. To use the horsey vernacular. WHOA! Just hold them there horses. Back in the day Jonathan Swift in his classic Gullivers Travels wrote about his dream of living like a horse. And take a step even further back to Roman times. The emperor Caligula married his horse. And remember that massive 70's hit love me love my dog.

Whilst we might love our animals, the feelings are not always reciprocated. Researchers have only recently discovered that dogs don't like to be hugged and held, and who knew that? . We make so many assumptions about our animals, that maybe the logical progression is to find out just what they are bleating on about. We have been chatting away with Monkeys for years, maybe it's time to spread our metaphorical wings and try to find out what the less glamorous animals are thinking. I mean does Fido really does want to fetch the stick. Or is constantly telling Polly he's a pretty boy, giving him a complex. if we think about it the only dumb animals destroying its world are man. To quote Doctor Doolittle, Maybe a chat with a cheetah may do us some good. And as the good doctor continued wouldn't it be incredible if we could talk to the animals squeak and squawk and walk with the animals then they can talk to me!

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