Manifesting Desired Life Day- 12-"Problems are Teachers"



There is a unique way to solve problems

Problems happen to all-there is hardly any human being ,who has not faced the same kind of problems but still we think that -we are the only one chosen by destiny to be showered with problems one after another.

This is one of the oldest confusion and myth that humanity is suffering since ages.And this is the only reason why smaller problem attract bigger and one after other problems are attracted in succession-that is why they say correctly- "Misery loves company".

There is an easy way to understand why Problems appear in life cycle. We take many things for granted,we have absolutely no gratitude for air-water-land-body and even health,as it is all bestowed upon us abundantly by mother nature.

We only care for all these 'gifts' only -when we do not have them. If you make it a practice to be abundantly grateful for life-health-body and all aspects of nature,you'll be blessed with same in all aspect of life.

When a problem appears-it teaches you only one lesson,and we all must learn that lesson-it is- 


"To be grateful enough for that aspect of life."

Right now any problem you are facing is teaching you exactly same-so take that lesson and move forward-same problem will never revisit you again.

We make Anthill out of Ant by keep on speaking and thinking about a problem-this shows that somewhere inside you are in 'love' with this problem and you want it to 'share' as if it is a 'candy' to one and all.

This way you'll attract only two kind of people-


1] Who wants to exploit you

2] Who enjoy providing you with a shoulder to cry


Be Sure- If you are genuinely thinking and acting upon 'solutions' instead of 'problems' ,you'll never know,when a problem will appear and when it'll vaporize into thin air.


Ask Just one question ,while confronted with problem-

"What this problem is teaching me?"

Same when you go through 'physical' or 'emotional' pain-

"What this pain teaches me?"

Tomorrow- "Divine Guidance to solve Problems and heal the Pain."

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