I did a triathlon



Tuesday Treadmill Treats 



I did a triathlon 


This week while I am out of the country celebrating my birthday,  I bring you the best of Treadmill Treats...This one, I hold near and dear to my heart as I did it on my birthday, to inspire others that your never to old to do something! Hope you enjoy!


Well, I am here to tell you  that if you set your mind to it, you can do anything!


If you would have asked me three years ago

“Would you do a triathlon?” I would still be laughing.

 I hated running and I sucked at swimming so why on God's green earth would I ever want to? But then I saw the movie the bucket list and it inspired me to started my own. One of the first things on my bucket list was a marathon, but why you ask? I asked that myself as I hated running. Did you now just read that? Yes, I said I hated running but hell Oprah did it, if she can do it I sure as hell can do it! 


So I trained and trained, at first not even making it to the end of the block but I was determined. On the week before my race I hurt my ankle but that wasnt going to stop me, I taped it up and did it! 

Crossing that finish line was like a miracle to me, I did it, I actually did it!!


Then I thought it would be cool to say I did a triathlon but again you did you read, I hated running and I cant swim. So I looked for the smallest swim and when I found one I started training and yes, I looked like a drown cat in the pool.

It was a sorry site to see, people almost called 911.

Yes, it was that bad but I kept trying, every day for months, so on Thursday night when I was packing my car to go, I smashed my pinkie toe on my bike rack and broke it. You never heard so many curse words! 


My friend who was coming with me for support, said I should cancel. But that wasnt in my vocabulary, there was no quitting for me.


I was going, that was that and the morning of the triathlon, life decided to have some laughs with me. There were pizza size jelly fish (I can not make this shit up people!) 


They said you dont have to do the swim and instead run 3 more miles but I had a broken toe so that was out and besides I didn’t train this long to do that! 


So with a wrapped up toe, I swam and yes, of course, I did get bite in the ass by one (okay I didnt say this was going to easy!)  


I finished the swim, peed on myself and jumped on my bike where I made up some time, then comes the run and I start and the toe is really hurting, but again I am not quitting so I put on my music, say a prayer and dig deep. Half way through the last leg of the run, the skies turn black, it starts to thunder and lighting and it pours on my head.


I lost it and I started yelling like the guy on Forrest Gump “Bring it on! I will not quit, give it your best shot! Not a divorce, a move, a horrible ex, a broken toe, a stung ass or pouring rain or lighting will stop me! Are you listening?? I will finish!”


And I did... I crossed that finish line, beat up but smiling from ear to ear, knowing I did it! Later when they posted the results,  I found out I placed 3 out of 18 in my age group 40-49, no, really?


When I started this journey  I just wanted to just cross the finish line before dark, that was my goal. 

Placing anything besides last wasn’t even a thought to me, so that was the icing on the cake for me ! Wow how cool! 


I put my mind on something, I trained, I believed I could do it, I was determined and had perseverance and faith just like Bishop said and I did it!!


So today my friends what is it that you don't think you can do? Whatever it is try it, believe me, you will amaze yourself! 


"Be the change you want to see"


"And just when the caterpillar thought his life over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"


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