The Value of Dreams



Film Rhetoric's look at the new film, "The BFG" and how having dreams can change your life.

Life tends to not go according to plan. It starts off well for most people and at some point more often than not it goes far off course. Far far far off course. It is difficult to maintain perseverance and resolve when a person can’t see where they are going or where their destination lies. Weather conditions and confusion complicate all efforts. It is only through picking a direction and sticking to your convictions while remaining adaptable on a daily basis that a person can replot a course and end up in an agreeable position.

In the film, “The BFG”, Director Steven Spielberg crafts a wonderful adaption of the classic children’s book of the same name. He manages to capture the hopelessness of a childhood lost due to conditions that are out of control by the young protagonist, Sophie and the hopelessness that sets in when you life becomes just spaces between bullying. Through a series of events Sophie meets a Big Friendly Giant (BFG) who brings her to Giant Country and the audience is introduced to spirit-like manifestations of dreams, as well as nine other giants who’s life aspirations are nothing but being bullies and eating people. The result of being a lifetime victim of bullying is also put on display as the BFG lives in a run down house with nothing to live for other than trying to balance good dreams with the nightmares that the other giants provide.

Throughout the film, it is shown consistently that the specialty of bullies is to destroy dreams while that is a bully’s greatest weakness. The presence of a dream is an affirmation that there are parts of life that cannot be touched nor affected by verbal and physical bullying. Furthering this concept is the display that when dreams are allowed to exist particularly with a support system; hope develops. All it takes is one voice to remind us that any problem can be worked on to move our lives forward and out of stagnation. This is a lesson that everybody needs to experience more than one time in our lives and for a majority of the audience; they experienced this in elementary school with Sophie and the BFG.

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