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I don't remember the year this happened. I identify everything with the birth of my only child so this incident was before Lealon was born so BL. I was still going to night clubs because I love music and I loved to dance!!! There was a night club on Westheimer in Houston called The Sanctuary. It was an old church that had been converted into a night club. When I walked with my girlfriends I could see the remnants of what had been a church. The dance floor was where pews had been, there was a section that I could see was once a choir stand and of course there was stage that was once a pulpit now people were dancing. The contradictions were startling but after passing the place for months maybe a year I decided to go in and now I was there. The bars were off on either side of the dance floor so I strolled up to the bar and ordered a drink a glass of white wine and a glass of water. My friends would child me because I chased white wine with water but I told them I am here to dance not get intoxicated! We commandeered a table and sat down. Before guys were asking us to dance and I found myself being lead to what had once been a pulpit to dance. This was a time of disco so it was not unusual for several dance songs to play back to back to back! I don't know how long I danced on that pulpit before Prince's song Controversy started to play. Now I am not saying that I was not enjoying myself in fact I am actually saying the opposite I was having a great time!! The music was loud almost deafening and continuous I was shaking my ass as though I was being paid BUT when I heard the words from The Lord's Prayer being uttered I came to myself!!! I stopped in my tracks and realized where I was and what I was doing!! I got my butt off that pulpit got my purse and got myself out of there!!!! Now I am not saying I did not dance to Prince's song Controversy in other different venues because I did but I never went back to The Sanctuary again!! Prince was truly a musical genius in and with this genius he pushed the envelope which makes him more of a genius to me!!!! His music touches hearts and souls! He astounded and amazed us with his stylings and his death just makes me sad!!!

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