Western Medicine by Rhonda L. Jackson



Western Medicine

I really believe the doctors of western medicine are some of the best doctors in the world! I believe western medicine dictates the standard of medical practice for the rest of the world! BUT!!!!!! Western medicine follows the mandates of the AMA (American Medical Association) which is completely politically corrupted and totally compromised! So we are sicker and poorer and we will continue to be sicker and poorer because of our great but compromised healthcare system! Now they lie to us and convince us of the quality care that we get but how great can that care be if the governing entity is corrupt. The only way your doctor can treat you is by intrusion or invasion! Here recently I am hearing about diet and health but with greed being so prevalent our food and water is compromised, too! Now I liken western medicine to a car trip to Dallas, TX from Houston, TX! If someone is driving from Houston to Dallas that person goes to I45 and makes a northbound turn onto I45 and allowing for traffic, stops, and drive speed the person can arrive in Dallas in 3 to 5 hours! But western medicine goes to I45 and instead on making a northbound turn it turns south on I45. So instead of a 3 to 5 hour trip the trip can now take 3 to 5 months or even years or longer! It is likely that you NEVER arrive in Dallas!!! Also the trip is a lot more arduous requiring several modes of transportation. THIS IS WESTERN MEDICINE! THIS IS WHY WE ARE SICKER AND POORER!! THIS IS WHY WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE SICKER AND POORER UNTIL WE GET A GRASP ON OUR MAGNIFICANT MEDICAL SYSTEM!!

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