INR 85,000 CR to Govt Employees & Suicide Pills to Farmers-



Indian Prime Minister is Introducing a new MODINOMICS,Let Farmers Suicide and let Loan sharks &Govt employees celebrate Rs 85000 CRORE pay raise. What a shameful way to laugh at poor and strengthen Govt.Employees-out of which 60% make India most corrupt country to do business.

INR 85,000 CR to Govt Employees & Suicide Pills to Farmers- MODINOMICS-The Great Indian PM Skills India

In India Farmers are Committing Suicides everyday and Great Narendra Modi government gives Bonanza of More than INR 85000 CRORE to Govt Employees, more than 60% of whom contribute to make India be counted among most corrupt countries to do business with.
Its height of shamelessness that this PM allows Black Money and Suspicious Asset holders to declare and go Scot free with a penalty whereas allows a Vijay Mallayya to run away with INR 9000 CRORE from same Banks ,which forces Farmers through Loan Sharks to commit Suicide for non payment of as low a amount as USD 1000.
This is in the era of a Prime Minister ,who claims to improve India's image in the world.
This is a new kind of Economics ,this PM is teaching to world.
"Let Farmers die and Loan Sharks/Defaulters & Corrupt Govt officials be awarded."
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