When your beliefs hold more “weight”



The hypocrisy and yet subconsciously-enforced reactions of mankind to claim open mindedness and yet make first impressions based on appearances.

I was having coffee with a guy friend a few weeks ago and he said, “Why are girls so obsessed with their weight.”

I figured it was probably just a rant many guys and tomboy-girls throw about girls, or even guys, who are weight conscious to a fault. Enough to drive others around them crazy with frustration. So I didn’t say anything.

Now personally I don’t find anything wrong in caring about your weight and appearance. What I can’t stand is the “Eh Ma Gaawd I can’t eat this pavbhaji/pizza/burger/fries/fruits/veggies/food…..I’m trying to lose weight here (even though I’m skinny and wear size 28, low-rise jeans and crop tops and look sexy! I’m so fake modest about it)”

But then something marvelous happened. A girl walked into the cafe; she was by no means skinny, but she was good-looking, carried herself well, and had a good dressing sense. So I pointed her out to my friend.

She’s cute isn’t she?” (Since he was shamelessly checking out girls anyway, I figured I might as well help him).

Nah“, he said. “She’s too chubby for my liking.”

I was aghast; could not stop staring at him. There it was, the real reason why so many girls were serious about losing weight and being in shape. Guys like these, and girls who cared about the opinions of guys like these.

I pointed this out to him, and it was his turn to be speechless. LOL. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to look good and stay fit, it adds to your mental well-being. As human tendency is, which I mentioned in my previous post about overcompensation and insecurities, there are people who try to fill a personal void by public popularity.

These are the people who try to look better and better so that they are appreciated by others, checked out, and complimented. Basically, be in the limelight for their beauty. Inside, however, there’s a war waging; a war of low self-esteem and a wobbly self-confidence.

And it’s people like my friend, who’s particular way of thinking has harbored these emotions more, particularly in young people like us. Yes, it’s not just the teens; it happens to people of all ages. Either way, when someone wonders why people obsess over their weight, and declares that someone is too chubby for their liking in the same breath, doesn’t it mean that some amount of introspection is required?

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