What Are The Three Most Dangerous Substances In The World?



substances that slowly do the "trick" — no sensational death here

There are many ways to kill yourself and one of these is to let your body react to and against nasty substances. Of course, there are faster ways of doing yourself in – like driving your car at ninety miles an hour backwards or throwing yourself off a high-rise or skinny-dipping in  minus-32- degree- centigrade water (not possible) but I am not writing about quick, sensational death. I am writing about slow, get-you-in-the-end substance death.

      You’ve all heard by now that one or two glasses of red wine actually help you to stay alive longer. Well and good…but that still doesn’t change my list. I can hear you murmuring dark chocolate. Dark chocolate? Irrelevant.

      My list is alcohol, tobacco and sugar.

      Of course, no one is going to tell you that smoking twenty joints every day is going to do you a lot of good but as it stands, the world doesn’t do that. The world eats sugar, drinks alcohol and smokes tobacco.

      These dangerous substances are not banned by goody-goody governors which must lead you to think that governments are not looking after you. You’re dead right. They’re not. There’s also a lot of money to be made out of selling sugar, alcohol and tobacco to adults and children.

      Now, what’s the most dangerous? Sugar. You guessed?

      The pancreas can’t make it.

      Tobacco gunges the throat and lungs.

      Alcohol gunges the liver.

      It’s all slow and relatively painless at the beginning and that’s why we let it happen.

      How are we going to stop abusing our bodies by taking too much of one or two or three of these substances? Pointless question. We have no intention of stopping abusing our bodies, no intention whatsoever of  avoiding sugar, tobacco and alcohol. And if I have depressed you just a trifle, remember two glasses of good red wine will help you to live longer to eat a bit more sugar, smoke a bit more tobacco and jaw away like I’m doing right here.

Cheers, mates!

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