Mending Broken Pieces



This is a question about bits and pieces

Just a simple thought. This is a very little piece. No exegesis. Little piece; huge message. Popular message, powerful all the same. I think common things hold the most uncommon messages. We really learn most lessons from the familiar. The mundane is more than we think. That is a matter for another day, tomorrow perhaps.
Tonight, I have a question. And I would appreciate answers. Speak your answer to the wind if you can’t speak it here. Let the winds blow our answers to us when our spirits gather at the great baobab. Speak your answer quietly before speaking it out. Who says speech is louder than silence? Have you endured the silence of the world? Have you ever sat in the midst of noise and wished someone would speak? That is a matter for another day.
Tonight, I have another question. My question is simple. That much I know. The question itself I am still trying to remember its form and shape. I know what I want to ask but I don’t know what to ask. It’s not a crazy world, in case you’ve been wondering. The earth is spherical, flattened at the poles. Antarctica is an icy world. The Sahara is arid. Lions are fast. Cheetahs are faster. Eagles are big. Ostriches are bigger. America is younger than Europe. Papa is 84 gone. I am twenty-five. Big deal!
Why don’t we get back up? Why do we condemn broken bits and pieces to the trash?

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