These Shootings by Rhonda L. Jackson



These Shootings

I had planned to write more about Western Medicine today but I saw the video where this young Black woman and their young daughter witnessed the shooting death of her boyfriend/father after they were pulled over for a broken taillight!! I have to say WTF!! Just days ago a young Black man was shot on camera while subdued by police. These shootings scare the SHIT out of me!!! I have a young Black son and many other young Black men that I hold near and dear to my heart!! I don't want to think about something so completely senseless and horrific happening to any one of them!! First I have to compliment that young Black woman who made the video on her composure. I don't know if I have that kind of strength in me. I'll tell you what I NEVER WANT TO TEST IT!!! My heart is sooooo heavy for THIS WOMAN AND and her daughter as well as for ALTON STERLING'S FAMILY! I want to cry (I probably will)! It is time for mourning then we have to act!! I don't know what to do but someone does! Reactive response is only good for a time but a proactive response may save someone's son or daughter's life! So let's mourn, then think, then act!!! Let's be part of the solution to these senseless killings!!!

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