The Rich White Men by Rhonda L. Jackson



The Rich White Man

Do rich white men get hall passes for doing dumb or even criminal shit? This is a question that begs to be asked in the wake of the Donald Trump phenomena. Some years ago I saw a movie where a young white girl is raped and killed in a small town I believe in Georgia may have been Texas!! At any rate, supposedly this was a depiction of a true event. The body of the slain girl is found by some young black boys maybe 8-12 years old. The town in a rush to convict indicted the oldest one of the black boys who found the body. This town tried and convicted this TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD AND SENTENCED TO DEATH BY ELETROCUTION IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR! This occurred in the early 20th century maybe in the 1920's or 1930's! I remember the riveting scene where the child is strapped into the electric chair and his arms and hands were too small for the restraints, the adult who was guilty of the crime was the son of the richest man in town!! This is similar to the so called affluent teen who killed four people in a drunken tirade. His attorneys got him off by saying he wasn't taught right from wrong thus he should not be held accountable for his behavior. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A SOCIOPATH someone who does bad things to people without remorse/consequence!! Then there's the rich guy who killed 3 or 4 people and even admits to killing one guy he says in self defense and he's exonerated. I am sure there are many, many examples of how rich white men get away with doing criminal shit! Now the office of the president has been held by rich white men some originating from very humble beginnings some not! Trump is different!! Trump was brought up believing that being white, male, and rich made him entitled to anything he wanted!! His ability to lie about any and everything gives him a hint of being a sociopath. His being so thin skinned which makes him prone to volatile impulses and unable to withstand criticism thus he is very unpredictable! The White House has been occupied by many rich white man but this rich white man is different! Why is Donald Trump so different? Well the Republican Party is in splinters largely because of Trump!! His campaign has tapped into an anger that has been smoldering for the last eight years!!! This anger lies and says it is about big government and soaring taxes and gay people and bathrooms but this rage is founded in hatred! There is a segment of our society who have some very old beliefs and these beliefs are embedded in archaic and often incorrect information. In an season where facts are ignored and debunked familiarity no matter how bad steps in to bring some semblance of order. The rich white man in charge making the wrongs right (though untrue) is familiar! DONALD TRUMP will destroy AMERICA!!!

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