Six Impossible Things



Use as writing prompts


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 I follow a number of interesting blogs, one of which is Random Thoughts by Bish Denham, a children's writer. I was just reading her post on Alice in Wonderland- the movie

in which she says:


The thing I took home with me, that will stay with me the longest, is this lesson from Alice: that she imagines at least six impossible things every day. And I thought, what a great writing prompt!


She lists her six impossible things and got me thinking about what I would choose, so, here goes:

 Some of these might already be in science fiction.

Number 1

 Snow in Jamaica

This is  my six-year- old granddaughter imagining a snowman in Jamaica




Moving sidewalks — no more traffic



Self-repairing body parts



Knowledge injections — no more schooling



Thought travel — think of a place and you are there 



Peace on earth ( very tongue in cheek that)


Share your six impossible things






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