Why are white people of America acting so CLUELESS?



No offense should be taken to my reality...

It has never been easy being Black or African American in America. For as long as I can remember I have been cautioned and coached on how to conduct myself in the presence of "white folks". I find it funny that in light of recent events very few white people understand the bias and discrimination bestowed upon Black people. So because they walk around clueless and unaffected, we have to be taught how not to push buttons, provoke undesired reactions, etc. or we would always find ourselves in undesirable situations. 

How do you think the term/idea/acts of an "Uncle Tom" was coined? A Black Man believed in order to stay alive and unharmed he had to act in a manner that was favorable to his master. Unfortunately today, too many Blacks have adapted this mentality, and to make it "socially acceptable" we call it "American culture"! But the reality of American culture is that it is and continues to be racist toward Blacks/African Americans.  

Black people WAKE UP!  If you think about it, it fits though right? The history of America is racist. So it's only right they try to embed racism in American culture. And they've achieved that and more. But admitting this does not take away from all of the work, pain and tears of my ancestors, and all they had to do to fight for equality. So it is imperative the white people stop acting like there is no injustice and racism present in America and that 

There is not now nor will there ever be anything we can do, not enough manners or thoughts of "change" that we could have in order to make this different. We can't be so simple minded! 

"Why are we continuing to rationalize the idea that we can change the minds of racist by acting a certain way?"-Audreyanna Garrett 

So the question now becomes do I believe it was necessary to hear the stories of my grandparents and continuously educate myself?

While hearing stories absolutely prepare us for the racism in the world, educating ourselves on "proper" behavior has and will continue to get us nowhere!


Why is it that I can't follow instructions of an officer without being deemed a threat?  Why can't I be given the benefit of the doubt? Why can't I be INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY? It's the law right? 

Especially considering what is happening now with all these shootings of innocent men, and yes they are INNOCENT because according to AMERICA all individuals are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY in the court of law. 

"Sure is funny that laws that are in place to be fair, are only fair to white people, and non-applicable to Black people." -Audreyanna Garrett

Yet, whites continue to argue that America is "fair", but America is only fair to whites! 

I find it interesting that so many white people are tired of hearing about #BlackLivesMatter or the simple fact that racial inequality exists.  What's sad is that for some reason white people have a hard time understanding that racial inequality will continue to exists because its being perpetuated in the lack of interest, condoned from their lack of sympathy and will forever be an issue from their lack of acceptance and acknowledgement.

What white people fail to accept and admit is that they have NEVER been and can never be Black/African American in America, so there's no way they could possibly understand what we are saying. The appropriate response would be that of sympathy. Or merely accepting that truth.  You can't tell us how to respond when you don't know how people treat us.  You have never been in situations we've been in. So never confuse our truths, with your perception.

We would appreciate it more, if you would let the world know your a human being, accept your denial and walk with us for change. And cheers to those of you that do get it. We see you.  

So, in my attempt to assist all the other white people transition from being so self absorbed, unaware, unsympathetic and disinterested, hope this article helps them find a clue in a world of the clueless. 

We are and will always be, unapologetically black. I don't see you adjusting your behavior for acceptance. Don't require that of me. I can't change my skin color, and even if I tried, you would still see who I truly was. It's unfortunate that so many people have tried bleaching their skin, which further proves the point that America was not made for us, and is only putting up with us. A civil war is on the horizon if you, white people, continue to ignore our truths. Its a shame police officers are dying and you still don't get the message!

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