Chameleon in Chief



I wrote this piece about Trump in January. I stand by it.


Every candidate running for president is a self-promoter by necessity. Donald Trump takes this to an appalling extreme. He has appeared on the Howard Stern Show multiple times, touting his sexual conquests and rating women as hot or not based on their appearance. This is an accepted part of our media culture, and I really don’t care what people do on that show. But, when you appear several times and seem to relish it, it tells us something about who you are, about how you view relationships and women. It tells us something about your judgment.

What makes me cringe is to see the same man standing on a stage at Liberty University clinging to a Bible and quoting “2” Corinthians. I also do not judge a man for his lack of Bible knowledge. It’s the blatant pretending and pandering that bothers me.

Trump is simply being Trump. Nothing has changed. His “success” as a business man is largely due to his ability to change with the circumstances and be whatever he needs to be to get the deal done.

And right now, what he needs to get the deal done is to have Evangelicals  and "traditional white voters" fall under his spell. Watching this has been fascinating and sickening at the same time. Sadly, it confirms what I have long suspected — that this voting block is about power and fear above all else.

Trump untethered to the obligations of a political party sounds like a good thing to people who are sick of Washington gridlock, but I would encourage voters to stop and think about the implications. Trump will be for Trump. He will be for deal making that elevates his power. He will be the chameleon that he has always been.

This is a man who has changed political parties 5 times. He is telling you what you want to hear. I know that can be said about all candidates. They all shift with the times to an extent. But Trump is an entirely different person based on the circumstances. That will not change if he lives in the White House.

If you think he has respect for anyone other than himself, take a look at this compilation of his Twitter insults from the New York Times. Well done JASMINE C. LEE and KEVIN QUEALY.

If you are a Trump supporter, you are being scammed.

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