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How a Government honors their dead says much about the people living there. G-d promises to be a Father to the Fatherless /Ten Commands

Happy Memorial Day in memorandum to my first husband. Your daughter Emily posted this and I saw it and it made me happy.  The day after Memorial Day 2017. 


Dear Karl, I do not know if you can see down here from Heaven. But if you can, we miss you and I can wait until we all laugh up in Heaven.


Emily found a story in the Washington State Seattle Newspaper on line where you had drowned in a scuba diving accident in 2009. I called the Authorities there and they told me it was not you. I called the at least 5 times.  Her Uncle, your brother found out it was you. Time had passed and the agony was horrible. I went to see your Mother  and we had a nice chat and hugs. 

You know the reason we parted was because of my Mother and brother, I think they must have been jealous even though they did me more good than harm.

Here is an old picture I found of your first family and the Bible says a man will never forget his first wife.


Your daughter and for both of us our fist and only children-we named Emily  after Emily  Hanna who was one of the first settlers in Childress.  She had one daughter, Lena who worked hard all of her life helping others.

That is what Lena did,  She knew how to take charge. Your grandfather  was a business man who was married to Lena. He was a good man the same as you were on this Earth.

Your Grand mother on your Mother's side was born on a Native American  reservation and I think that is why you followed the Native Americans so closely. Her husband, your grandfather was a code talker and that is a past of history we need not forget.

You can be proud of Emily -but she will always be a Clement. A good name is worth much in this life. Her one husband was mean to her most of her life. 

Your Father was hero.   I hope you haunt the ones who have been mean to our daughter and grand daughter.

I read your obits and none of them said you were a Baptist but I was there when you gave your heart to Jesus the Lord and got baptized. 

I know you are there where there is no more sorrow or pain. But would you please ask G-d for a special trip back here to serve some justice? 

Thank you.  Your widow, Brenda 

P.S. Karl, I got married to a nice man who is good to me. His name is Mike and he knew you too in high school and said he did not like you because you were a cowboy, and he used to be a hippy. Mike told me just recently he thought the whole love everyone hippy thing was dumb. He is good to our daughter.




Our New American President  Donald Trump is honoring fallen soldiers in the media, because they died to help Americans now have the freedoms we do in our democracy. 

Freedoms never come without a sacrifice and millions have died fighting for what is right all over the World. America used to be a Christian Nation, Things have changed when we need to get back to that old saying-In G-d We Trust.

Now it is trending towards a philosophy of man is god called Secular Humanism because people enjoy their sins until it is too late sometimes. Or they say they are atheist. That means they do not believe in anything.

Babies are being murdered legally here and I just wonder how long it will take for G-d to punish this whole Nation. Planned parenthood was started for only birth control when birth control was new -not murder where an infant who could survive has his or her head crushed inside the womb of the mother and injected with poison so they have to be dead when they come out of her.  That is so the doctors cannot be charged and go to jail for murder. That is just wrong. Because that child does not belong to the Mother or the Father. That child belongs to G-d who made the whole Universe.



There is more right with America than wrong but we are having people murder because they were never taught the 7 Noahide laws or the Ten Commands.

I am writing this to make a statement. More than one actually.

How  a Country treats their dead says much about  what they are.

This has to do with character. Character of a Nation. Jesus said to love children because they are our future.



When we are young, unless taught, we do not care or understand death and its consequences. 

I was born into a family who worked hard making gravestones. I had to act respectful around the grieving customers.

In my husband's situation in 2009, he drowned and in late 2010, my daughter found out and I went to her and she was crying.  I called the place that had the news story and the Authorities there. I was told this man who died was not my husband or her father.

His identification was lost--as his birth name was Karl  Clement--Karl Anquoe-was his Native American name  I suppose. Our daughter has one too-Little Star--She is the original Little Star.

  I was told by a woman there-we do not record  Native American Deaths -or the ones who live on Reservations. I hope that is not true. 

If this is the law and one that needs to change. Why? No one cares about your family as much as you do.

If you do not love and help your own family, you are sicker than I care to write about. Yawn.


Please write your lawmakers. Tell them we want the Ten Commandments back all over the place.

My husband's own Mother was hurt because she thought he did not care about us as he had not come to her Mother's Native American funeral . Lucy  lived her 100 years.  She raised horses and worked as a infant care nurse in a Hospital all of her life. Her husband was a hard worker. And this is how our Country treated my husband.? The family did honor him but it took a long time. Life is a precious gift.   People have lost their moral compass. I looked at that newspaper article today and the ones who wrote comments on your obituary and no one had visited since 2009.  Shame for shame. I think they could not find it or got too busy with life here on this tiny planet.

Finally my daughter, granddaughter and your brother found out the truth and I was told then.


It is wrong to treat people this way.

It is wrong and things need to change.  



Our daughter has never even gotten her rights. But G-d promises to be a Father to the Fatherless.

My only child has not been able to find a good man like her Father. Most likely because she is too intelligent and most men do not like a woman more intelligent than they are. I wonder why?  Behind every good man is a good woman. What does a good woman do? She prays for her children and husband. She loves them. 

I do hope people will stop being prejudice (I mean upset)- over people's skin color. 

We all are born without asking and we all die. The most important thing any human can do is give their heart to the Lord Jesus. 



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