Voting by Rhonda L. Jackson




My Aunt Pat told me this story about a year ago. She told me that when she was about four years old when her parents (my grandparents) took her with them to register to vote. Now my family and I live in Texas and that says a lot!!! Rick Perry was our governor Gregg Abbott is the governor now. Gregg Abbott who thought (or said he thought) the US government was attacking Texas when they had a series of military exercises! He is also the man said he doesn't believe is mental illness!! I have to mention Ted Cruz a Canadian who thinks he should be president of The United States of America!! Well enough with our Texas leaders today. Back to 1946 Texas when John T. and Lichie V. Drayden go to pay their poll tax because they are Black and they live in Texas and they want to vote!! According to my Aunt Pat the white male clerk is snide and condescending as this Black couple stand before him.  He says to my grandparents, "You should take this money and buy this gal some shoes!" In 1946 Black people can't say something like 'mind your own damn business' to a white man for saying something inappropriate to them!  My Aunt Pat says she remembers this as though it was yesterday even though she's only four years old. My Aunt Pat says that the poll tax is $2.50 per person which could have probably bought her some shoes.  Instead of giving the clerk a $5.00 bill for the illegal tax my grandfather gives the man two fives one for my grandmother and one for himself!! My Aunt Pat says the man never gives him change! I believe this was intentional as a tip so they could get a receipt!! I am thinking my grandparents are doing this so that they can vote for a white men who does not have their interest in mind. DO YOU STILL NEED A REASON TO REGISTER TO VOTE?!!!

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