The Intoxicating Aroma of Ray Liotta



My quest for finding Shower To Shower "Sport" body powder in order to smell like Ray.

A couple of months ago, I found myself watching the Hoda and Kathie Lee Hour, or whatever it's called, and they were discussing the fragrance of actor Ray Liotta. It seems that he had been a guest on their show the previous day, and they had commented on how much they liked the way he smelled.  Evidently, they asked him for the secret to his potent aroma, and he informed them that it was a combination of Mennen Speed Stick and Shower To Shower "Sport" body powder. The ladies had no doubt forced one of their assistants to track down a container of the stuff, and they were now proudly displaying it on their anchor desk.


Their current guest for that day was Dean Cain, formerly of TV's Lois and Clark. They brought him over to their anchor desk, where they preceded to bombard his exposed chest with handfuls of Shower To Shower body powder, all the while inhaling and swooning, inhaling and swooning.  Dean didn't seem to mind.

I thought to myself that I definitely needed to track down some of that fine-smelling body powder.  And for the better part of two weeks, I searched every Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Dollar General, and every other retail market that I thought might stock this magical product, but to my dismay, it was nowhere to be found.

By chance, I did happen to find one lone container of Shower To Shower "Sport" body powder (it had to be the "Sport" fragrance — nothing else would cause such swooning, according to the ladies of Today's 4th hour). I couldn't believe my good fortune!  I dropped all of my other Walmart products and hurried to the checkout counter with my precious powder.

I was giddy with excitement as I ran several stoplights, hurrying home to try out this magical formula.  Needless to say, I was more than a bit disappointed when I found that the fragrance did not have the same effect on the women I encountered.  My mother thought I smelled nice, though.

So, now I'm stuck with a half-used container of this stuff, and on top of that, the bottle is constantly leaking out random puffs of powder on my bathroom counter, floor, my clothes, and anything else it comes in contact with. I barely touch the container, and it sends up a plume of powder dust that reminds me of Jeannie escaping her bottle.

I suppose I really should just throw this stuff away. I'm hoping to someday run into Ray Liotta, and I'll ask him how he contains the stuff. I enjoy his new program Shades of Blue, and I don't believe I've ever seen him looking like he has random powder stains on his clothing.   Jennifer Lopez seems to enjoy him. I wonder how she thinks he smells. Maybe it was the Mennen Speed Stick, anyway.




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