YOGA is the Path to unify YOUTH &Global Unification



YOGA unites us,as it never belongs to your or my religion/nationality/cast/creed/color its a gift of Masters to Students

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YOGA and PRANAYAMA is so easy a path to manifest a happy life that before we teach anything else to our children,We must do everything to get introduced first to YOGA and than add small children into YOGA,If youngsters can be addicted to Drinks and Drugs and other not so useful think, what does it mean?

This means that Youngsters need expression and path to use abundant energy- So let's give them Good addictions-which will end Terror,hate crimes and above all hateful Politics,where rich hates poor and poor hates rich. Finally polarization on the basis of cast,color.religion can stop if Youth has other good things to be proud of-in the days of Global unification-self development and self realization are only two things that unite humanity.

And YOGA ,which is symbol of human beauty ,can be a factor to unify us across continents and nationalities,as YOGA has only one copyright holder and that is whole 'Humanity'.




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