Dog Whistle Politics by Rhonda L. Jackson




America is a country who loves her pets especially our dogs! Maybe this is the reason we choose to name a political way of speaking after our favorite American pet! The other day while watching The View Joy Behar was addressing Candace Cameron-Bure about abortion rights she asked "What if a woman has 10 children already and she becomes pregnant again but this time she wants an abortion what does she do?" As Candace Bure mulled over her asinine answer I asked the TV what color does Candace think this woman is? Now I am not nor would I ever want to be in Candace's hyper religious head but I bet that woman with 10 children is Black or Hispanic. I find myself talking to the TV too often when she and Paula Faris start to talk because they too often use their religion to beat the crap out of other people (that's another subject for another day). Today I want to talk about that political dog whistles and the crazy conservative right are masters of using dog whistles!!! If I say "welfare queen" or "takers" or "crackhead" what color is that person? By the same token if I say "moral majority" or "hard working tax payer" what color is that person? This is what a dog whistle is and the republicans are the inventers of this evil way or categorizing people!! "Welfare Queen" is a term spawn by sleepy Ronald Regan when he was president. The stupid right says our government is too big and they want to make the government smaller well we need our BIG ASS government because without it places like Flint, Michigan become TOO common place. The stupid republicans want to cut education while they build up the military!!! Who do they think will be able to operate the weapons of the future if we don't educate our young???? Grow the military but cut education WOW!!!! I SAY GROW THE DEMOCRATES AND FIRE THE CRAZY ASS REPUBLICANS!!

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