The True Meaning of Life



Love is the answer...

There is an obvious purpose to our existence that is missed by most people, and intentionally shrouded in mystery by others. However, if we open our minds, the truth becomes crystal clear.

The vast majority of us are born with five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. These faculties of perception guide us through life. Everything in the physical world that we encounter is experienced by receptors of one or more of our organs -- our eyes, ears, skin, tongue and/or nose.

We also have a central nervous system connected to our brains that gives us feedback on the state of our bodies at any given moment; and that assists us in navigating through our environment.

Last, there is consciousness, the mind, our personality, self, or what some people refer to as the soul. And, while many neurologists may argue against there being consciousness detached from the brain, there is overwhelming evidence supporting a separation of the physical and metaphysical.

To expound on this just briefly... Imagine your television... It displays images and sounds from the outside world and fantasies, but none of those events or dream-like movies or shows exist inside of the TV itself. Rather, they are separate and a part from the device, which functions as a receiver and decoder of the information broadcast from another place.

Imagine your body, or more specifically, your brain, as such a device. This explains the unexplainable in a very easy to comprehend way. And for the skeptics out there that are thinking, "what about people that have brain damage?" Well, what about a damaged or old TV set? The signal coming in is still the same, but the unit may have shorted wires leading to the speakers, or a damaged screen that doesn't display the picture properly, etc. In fact, when you think about our bodies and brains this way, it makes the most sense.

But that's only part of the story... 

We live in an incomprehensible Universe filled with mysteries of science, distance and time. Physics tells us that space and time are linked in what Einstein referred to as space-time. We are also told that we may be living in a "multi-verse" and that there are many different dimensions. All of these things seem like the stuff of science fiction, but modern physics is rife with theories of things being in two places at the same time, or things that are observed acting differently than something that is not observed. We are told that traveling close to the speed of light alters time. The list goes on from gravity waves and Black Holes to the wild experiments at the large Hadron Collider in Cern, Switzerland.

Now back to the five senses...

The point of all of this background is to bring you to a singular thought: that we are consciousness and our bodies are temporary vessels for us to experience all that surrounds us. I believe it was Alan Watts who said, "we are the universe observing itself," though that phrase and concept has been thrown around by many others, in many ways, over the years.

But let's think about that for a moment... We are born and exist with these five senses, and it is those senses that allow us to perceive the Universe. It is also those senses that we use to interact with one another's bodies. Therefore, the basic "reason" we are here is to understand and interpret that which surrounds us. I'll  say that again, the reason we are here is to understand and interpret that which surrounds us.

But what about consciousness? Consciousness is the signal, influencer, and feedback receiver of that which we perceive. In other words, our true purpose, taken further, is for our consciousness to become aware of itself. Meaning, understanding that we are simultaneously separate and a part of all there is.

Now when we "look" out at "all there is" we see particles and frequency waves of energy. And even as primitive as we are as life forms, we have been able to, in many ways, measure waves. This is the stuff that we are made of.

So you might be thinking, "that sounds so cold and scientific..." Actually it's not. Imagine being in love... And I'm not talking about being in lust, or what some biologists refer to as physical reactions to promote procreation. I'm talking about the indescribable "feeling" of real love. That which not only utilizes all of the physical senses, but transcends the corporeal. The synchronicity of thoughts, emotions and communication beyond the senses. There is nothing as euphoric as that feeling. No drug can produce that state of being. It's beyond chemical, it's beyond sensory, it's all encompassing and transcendental.

So I put it to you that the meaning of life is ultimately to experience love. And not simply romantic, physical love, but pure "universal" love -- the life-force of the Cosmos, of all Creation, of everything that there is, in every dimension, without time or space. Simply put, we are love.

Now as beautiful as that is, it's hard to fathom in the modern world, with all its evil, violence, wars and struggles of life, that love is why we're here. But when you think about it, all of those negative aspects of human existence reinforce this idea. For you can only have a "purpose" if there is a need to do something.

I firmly believe that we are all here to experience the beauty of nature and each other, and to ultimately learn to accept love as the ultimate force of the Universe. And when you truly comprehend the magnitude of this idea, then the pettiness of politics and greed and selfishness and materialism becomes blatantly obvious and even nauseating.

Love is the (only) answer.


Tony Caravan is the author of five books and numerous beat-poetry songs. His work is available on Amazon, iTunes, iBooks, Google Play. Visit his website at for links.

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