Man Talk — One Hit Wonder-Fulls



A recording artist doesn't have to have a string of hits to become memorable. A one hit wonder can become just as famous. As a nation We love an underdog even losers have their day. These days talent isn't everything.

When Chesney Hawkes belted out 'I am the one and only' Little did he know how prophetic that song title would become. It turned out to be Chesney's 'one and only' hit record. And yet so popular was the song that Chesney has become part of our pop culture and a fine example of a one hit wonder, who continues to have a wonderful career on the back of it.

The late great Pete Burns was a national icon and yet his record career as far as the majority of the general public are concerned consisted of one song. 'You spin me round' A sublime song that will have the longevity of a Galapagos Island Turtle. I am sure Pete along with Chesney have a repertoire of songs that the are equally proud of but its their one hit record that everybody loves them for, and they should return the love whilst it continues to pay the bills.

We as a nation have a fondness for creating celebrities out of people with a limited talent but a big heart. We like to reward ordinariness. Nobody epitomises that more than Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards a fine example of a man celebrated for not being very good at something. They say god loves a tryer , and nobody tried harder than Eddie. He never won anything but we continue to love him none the less .

The same applies to those well intentioned families who have become celebrities just for watching Television. If ever their was proof that you need little training or talent to become a star then it's Channel 4's Gogglebox. Is there a household in the land that doesn't provide a running TV commentary. It's has taken members of the public from just watching Tele to starring on it. . Two of the 'The Goggleboxers' have become famous enough in their own right to be invited onto the two biggest celebrity shows on TV Scarlett is starting on 'I'm a Celebrity' and George became infamous enough to be asked to go into in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

Being elevated to celebrity status is not always because they are good at something. We like to frame what these people do with imaginary quotation marks. Some people's 'Talent' like the X Factor's Honey G is is hard to define. Cast from the same mould as The cheeky girls and Jedwood. 'Car Crash TV' seems like an apt description of what they do. And yet until she was voted off we all looked forward to Honey G's weekly carry on. She allowed us to enjoy our own in-house version of Gogglebox and dissect what the french may call her 'Je ne sais quoi' The undefinable quality that has made her so memorable. It's her own personal X- Factor that she will long be remembered for.

But a word of warning to Honey, if she wants to have the same sort of career as Chesney never utter those career ending words ' I want to be taken seriously'

One man who tried to be taken seriously and it never got him anywhere is the former demon shadow chancellor Ed Balls the sins of his past political life have been forgiven, just because he can dance 'Gangam' style. Ed's future career path is set fair for celebrity immortality.

Ed's dancing disasters now stand tall alongside Pete Burns one hit record and Honey G's rapping. It will irk some purists that we will always remember them more fondly than those considered more talented performers. Those who have trod the boards or have brought us to tears with their singing or maybe gained Olympic immortality. Unfortunately a one hit wonder will always 'Trump' talent And it took until the end of the column before I mentioned the 'One and Only ' Donald. Many Hope Mr Trump he will be the one hit wonder who becomes the exception to the rule



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