The thin red line



Here is the continuation of the many stories of "Marietta"



It was ten o’clock in the morning and Marietta was having her breakfast: a big cappuccino with three generous chunks of chocolate cake, meanwhile she was leafing through the famous fashion magazine “Tamara”, her favorite one, where you can see “crème de la crème” as Marietta and her mother love to say.

Among the different articles, she found one advertisement that drew her attention:

 “Very Urgent: We are seeking a fashion design assistant, travel reallocation required for very prestige fashion show based in Prague.  One on one interviews today at three p.m. in the Rose Boulevard Gallery, stand number 23, Barcelona”

-This is for me! – She bellowed strong and enthusiastic, jumping up from the chair. The dog who was observing the scene quickly ran away to hide behind Titan’s bed, but unfortunately he tripped over the cat, who was sleeping soundly and belly up, on provoking Titan, he bristled his fur and showed his sharp claws, starting to chase the dog who flashed under the bed, the only area Titan couldn’t fit due his titanic size.

Nevertheless, he was a patient cat, elaborating and calculating his revenge, no matter how long it takes, he will get him.

Her mother, when she heard the noise from the background, rushed in with her face covered with homemade cucumber face mask and holding the other half of the cucumber in her hand.

-Do you see the notice, mam, they are looking for me! Who else could fit that profile better than me, with my great shape and good taste to be the best fashion designer assistant! — Marietta said with the last piece of chocolate cake dripping and sliding from her well rounded face.

Her mother, couldn’t believe it, she got so excited that tears of happiness ran over her thick face mask.

-I am calling for an appointment in the hairdressers, you have to look like a great model! — her mother exclaimed enthusiastically, she dropped the cucumber, drawing attention of the dog who decided to leave his safe refuge from under the bed. But what he didn’t suspect or notice was Titan, watching him calmly, ready for his revenge.

Marietta was delighted, and her mother was even more over the moon, finally, she would have the opportunity to see her daughter involved in the fashion glamour world.




Priscilla is a strong woman with equally strong personality, persevering, brave and excellent professional, one of the few people who predicates with the example of life. She was very strict in her work and impeccable reputation. She was part of the Pro-Health Models Organization since its foundation. As a member of that, she was in charge of the standard of good health of the models by protecting them from getting bulimia and anorexia sickness.

It is known that within the fashion world that abuses occur, mainly by the models to maintain their figures and body weight. For the few, sometimes to their untimely end.

And Priscila was the expert, to keep the rigorous quality standard of health to avoid all of that. As she used to say “Life is always first, no matter the money made at fashion shows”. She wouldn’t give an inch in these matters. So serious, she would cancel the whole fashion show for any violation to the rules.

Robert and Sara were stressful because of the fashion show in Prague they had been anticipating for two weeks. It was normal to happen with famous and eccentric fashion designers like Gerard Lambert, talented, capricious and changeable his opinions are.

-We are running out of time, we don’t have the fashion designer assistant yet, and as the cherry of the cake we have assigned the strict fiscal for the fashion show Miss Priscilla! I think this is too much! – Robert said meanwhile he was reading the letter where it informed him of the fiscal name for the event.

- Don’t tell me she is coming here to write a bloody report! – Sara exclaimed stunned.

-Well, here it says she is coming… let’s see... Oh, damn it! Today in exactly twenty minutes!  Definitely we have to find out on how we get the bitch distracted, showing something that will gain her interest.  




Marietta was in the hairdressers with her mother. The stylist who was assisting them got exhausted before even starting with them.  There was so many request from Marietta’s mother that he had write down on a paper, the long list of demands. But he had no option; the owner of the hairdresser was a very close friend of Marietta’s mother who would satisfy her inside and out and the hair styling too.  So the stylist remained calm and followed her exact orders.

Marietta’s hair was twisted behind her head into a style of bun with golden hair pins, and a lock of hair extensions in red falling in her right side for her glamorous touch.

Makeup, manicure and stylist, and red velvet dress were "the perfect formula for success" according to mother and daughter.




It was a very warm afternoon in Barcelona city. The long queue of young, hyper active thin girls was coming out from the “Rose Boulevard Gallery” and the queue stretched and doubled to  “Paseo de Gracia” avenue.

 Nevertheless, the hyper thinness went out of the line with the exuberant figure in red: Marietta.

Robert went outside to organize for the candidate selection. Suddenly his face lit up with a glowing smugness, as a chess player who is contemplating a check mate move… And there it was his reason, a “red hot” one, with a bizarre hairstyle and a big presence that it will cover more than enough all the Priscila expectations. 

-Your name, please- Robert ask with a sly smile.


-You are hired-.




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