No FREE HealthCare and Other things in the USA



Why are Americans so far behind the rest of the World in this?

Here is one opinion in a nutshell.  About two "Important" issues.

Look at Japan and compare it with America's heath care system.

FREE healthcare for all of its workers.  It has been shown this system costs less.

Also Japan's citizens are in better over all health. They have a once a year physical and a short term one too--and a holiday to go to do the day long process of testing.



Americans are over taxed and have many cases of diabetes, heart problems, strokes and so on-yet most of the World's best medications are produced here.  And the workers in Japan have it better than the executives in America-that are American citizens.  American Citizens who are  "Workers" cannot even afford to see a doctor many times.


The jail and prison system in Europe are better than here in America.


They know better than to send someone to jail for dug use. As part of their free health care system-their citizens are sent to rehab.


Remember the truth about an American couple?  Bonnie and Clyde?

Clyde was a petty thief. He went to jail for two years for his crime. There he was raped and became a sociopath. When he got out he took his woman-Bonnie and they did a crime spree for many years costing the American people plenty and they caused more deaths and more sadness than ever.


So change this America.

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