Saturday Shadows



Some thoughts about Easter Saturday — the dark day in between.

The world took the life of Jesus on Friday. He defeated death on Sunday. But there was a day in between. On that day, reality sunk in. When shock lifted, friends were scattered to the wind; they were in the dark, and they were alone.

I have friends living in extended Saturdays – seemingly unending Saturdays. Some of them believe Sunday is coming, but there are days when they wonder. Their personal Fridays – troubled kids, long-term illness, severe depression, broken relationships – came crashing down out of nowhere.

When you are wandering through Saturday’s dark valley, Sunday often seems like a childish dream.


Saturday is scary. Dark curtains cover the windows, food has no taste, their feet feel as heavy as their hearts, and every cell in their being is tired.

Reminding your Saturday friends that Sunday is coming is a bit like skipping down the hallways  of I.C.U. singing “It’s a Beautiful Day”. It’s probably better to join them in their Saturday for a while. Your presence might remind them that there was a once a Thursday, even if Sunday is currently beyond their imagination.

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