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Hello silent readers, I have recently created a new platform for those enduring emotional dilemmas — sometimes in silence. A means to wilfully claim back your sovereignty. All submitted works will simply be published within our new publications, The Catharsis Chronicles

Hello silent readers, I have recently created a new platform for those enduring emotional dilemmas, sometimes in

With the upsurge in doctors readily diagnosing bi-polar and other symptoms, depression, suicidal thoughts, repressed childhood memories and many other reasons – instead of just daily consuming vast amounts of pharmaceuticals: A medical means to numb the mind, what if it needs more?

What if by entering an anonymous process of speaking about deep-seated issues and  by writing and sharing those thoughts,  purging them through catharsis, one could start taking the first step to renewal and not simply be another endless consumer of medication.

This platform is open to anyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, status or religion.

All submitted works will simply be published within our new publications, The Catharsis Chronicles.

We all sometimes need help in Life, by challenging our emotions; we can sometimes change our lives.

Why do you write? To get thoughts out?

Share them by submitting them anonymously, get published and its free!

Thank you,

John Duffy

Managing Director

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A means to wilfully claim back your sovereignty.

Creating catharsis for you and also reaching out to others who may also identify with your journey and in doing so – may also be willing to help challenge and purge any emotional distress they too may be quietly enduring.

Many seem to suffer in silence and sometimes simply speaking to another seems too difficult, we are offering an unbiased, non-judgemental platform to help do so.

We are seeking stories, poems or even just a few lines to be published within our new range of EBooks, The Catharsis Chronicles.

By using your abbreviations and a simple date, we want to allow you the inherent freedom to express yourself – liberating any inner thoughts, free from the judgement or condemnation from others.

Tell the world your story in whatever format to help you reclaim your sovereign right of freedom, simply end it with your abbreviation, and date like below.

Be it a story, poem or just a few lines: by creating a means to speak silent thoughts – your voice can be heard!

Within this age of a seemingly rapid surge in emotional dilemma’s, many of which are simply diagnosed via endless pharmaceuticals – simply sharing those thoughts may just be the internal release you seek.

By purging our emotional theatres, we can sometimes find our feet, and once again begin taking the first steps to finding ourselves.

The futures yours to embrace, don’t let thoughts get in the way, purge them via catharsis and reclaim your sovereignty!

All submitted works or thoughts will be included within one of our EBooks via Amazon.

Why simply suffer in silence- pick up a pen or start using your keyboard.

All submitted works are subject to the strictest of confidentiality, and no personal details will be shared, sold or released.

We can help with editing, proof reading or structuring for a nominal fee if required.

All published works will be within our new publications with a percentage going to charity, and the balance, reinvested to support this platform and to create other opportunities of a similar nature such as painting, drawing and even releasing a catharsis album created by talented individuals, who seek to express themselves through music to be sold through ITunes.

When creating a piece to be submitted containing controversial subject matter, can you please use false names as to protect yourself and us from any legal ramifications, if the subject matter could be pursued in any legal format.

You will be required to confirm you have done so and only abbreviations such as G.H-2016 will be considered for publications, the whole exercise is simply related to the self, we don’t seek to complicate matters further by confrontations – which leads down an endless path of negativity, but simply to create a means to release internal tension through a simple writing catharsis exercise.

Change your Emotions – Change your Life!

Email any submitted works to

Thank you.

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