Humbly seeking translation assistance for 'Personal Legend'



Urdu, Arabic, Polish, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Korean, Triginyan, Romanian, Japanese, Croatian, Turkish, Persian, Maltese, Czek — or other languages please


Why hello there fellow Scrigglers, Facebook comrades and allied foreigners…


There is no mistaking the necessity of accomplishing the completion of this project,

The mission is as follows:

It will seek to take the art of language to war

.... who's with me — haha?! 

I am looking for assistance in the translation of song lyrics (for a female to sing) in the languages highlighted above. There is room for 4 more languages, if possible; Lithuanian, Hungarian, Vietnamese and Indonesian would be good, however any other language will fit the gap, and it would be interesting to see what the universe brings. 

Some say use Google translate or a translating forum, or a professional translator;

Each of these methods holds its own setback, making the possibility of doing it in this way slim to none  

Many say it can not be done - I beg to differ!


Granted, phrases in English often have differing counterparts if they where to make sense in foriegn. 

Granted also that tenses, and the femininity or masculinity of words is to be considered and makes the task challanging... 

Addmitedly, many sentences will not rhyme, may need some alteration in structure, or will not fit the same tune between languages....

That does not mean that this can not be done! :) — on the contrary.

I do believe with sincerity that I am on to something BIG, also it is one part of my dream. If you can help please do not hesitate to be in touch:

As an advanced note to anyone who chooses to help: I do not have watsapp, instagram, or snapchat, and can not afford an upgrade to support these apps for at least one year.... I also lead a busy life, and have my children with me a lot of the time, I am therefore not comfortable with taking phone calls.

..... I am aiming to have a quality translation of 23 lyrics in 23 languages to begin to practice as soon as is possible....

You can see in the chart below (hopefully), a smiley face signals that the lyric is complete, and has been checked and published.

If there is a ? it means the lyric is sent out for translation.

All other lyrics are numbered in the link below 




Here are the song numbers, if you are able to help please chose a song which has no markings on the chart and let me know... there will be a link to this at the top of my Facebook and author page, and I will continue to let people know when I have received a new translation so that multiple translation/ time wastage does not occut

1.In my town

2. This Is The Way It Is To Grow

3. Not A Toy —

4.Single parent —

5. Circles in —

6. Release me —

7. Friends —

8. So gone —

9. Grime without grime

10. Inspired by Kyle Napier’s

11. Crush —

12. Live Present —

13. Nobody’s Sober

14. Work no Play

15. For Anuthaa height –

16. Baseline queen – baseline heart attack —

17. Faith In Humanity

18. Baseline Raver

19. Alarm Calls

20.  Fuzzie Barz

21. love song

22. collection of hooks x2 

23. Twenty trees


Many Thanks — Inside OUT GIRL AKA CH-ippie 

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