Let's Just Think About It! by Rhonda L. Jackson




When we think with our heads our brains our clarity can be amazing! But along with our brains we have to filter information through our hearts!! When we only see with our eyes and understand with our brains we miss out on important information!! We miss out on our ability to see the situation from some else's perspective we miss out on our ability to empathize!!! Is empathy an uniquely human trait? I don't know but I certainly hope not!! In watching today's politics I notice the ability empathize is missing on the republican side and maybe to a lesser extent on the democratic side!! Today's republican party is a splintered group and it's leadership seems to be intent on ignoring this!! When we loose our ability to empathize I believe we loose our basic humanity the very thing that makes us superior to lower life forms. Our abilities to see someone suffering like the people in Flint and in other cities in America and want to help them!! Some animals kill and eat the weak and infirmed but as humans we are more evolved. When we kill and eat the weak and infirmed we become less evolved less human. Now being indifferent to the weak and infirmed is comparable to killing and eating the weak and infirmed. Just think about it for a minute bullies are often the young and are unevolved. As we grow older we realize bullying is wrong and we gain empathy, most of the time. We realize how small we are when we bully the weak and infirmed. Now some people never gain this insight they never are able to see a problem or situation from someone else's point of view. In extreme cases these people are called sociopaths! The republican seem to be indifferent to everyone but themselves and this indifference has been escalating over the last twenty to thirty years! The republicans saw this coming with Sarah Palin, loud mouth Bill O'Reily and the rest of them and they did nothing and in fact they encouraged the crazy! So let us just think about how do we get out of this mess? America, how do we live in with President Donald Trump or President Ted Cruz or President Marco Rubio? If we really think about it these people are all the same. Rubio and Cruz want to use asinine theories to change America!! They are like Ronald Reagan with his trickle down economics (which was a STUPID THEORY) that crippled America and ushered in the era of extreme greed!!! Are we going to replace the president who started dialogue between America and Cuba ending a 50 year cold war with someone incapable of empathy!!!

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