Muslims are Responsible to brand Muslims as Terrorists?



Muslims are better treated in Democratic World in comparison to any Muslim Country like UAE, they have human rights as immigrants better then what they have as citizen in Muslim countries.Then who is responsible for branding them as Terrorists? Muslims Themselves..

People who call themselves Muslims must separate themselves from Terrorists,who identify themselves as True Muslims,Its unimaginable that any sensible society will be dubiously silent upon its youngsters turning into mass murderers every hour.



All Leading Bodies of Islamic Cultures and Religions and so called Shariya Courts and Mosque Leaders have not come forward and boycott all Muslims ,who are supporting or trading with Terrorist Muslims.

Are these same MUSLIMS ,Who issued Death warrant[FATWA] for writer SALMAN RUSHDIE[ Satanic Verses].

Muslims are better treated all over the DEMOCRATIC WORLD in comparison to Muslim Countries ,which are run by same Shariya Law, which Muslim Terrorist use to behead hostages.

Muslims must understand that they are safer in Non Muslim Democratic world in comparison to countries which call themselves Muslim Nation-fact is even Muslim refugees and immigrants have more rights in Europe and France then what non UAE Muslims have in UAE.

Democratic world gave Muslims dignity and respect more then what a SHIA country gives to SUNNI and SUNNI to SHIA Muslim.

Then Why literate Muslims and Religious leaders speak about being mistrated. What will UAE do to a Non Muslim Cast,if hundreds of them found killing UAE Muslims?

India,USA,UK,Europe and no one had done same with Muslim immigrants,refugees and citizens, so why Muslims are not Grateful ?

Why Muslims all over the world allowing Terrorists to use Mosques and MADRASA as breeding grounds of Terrorism?

If Muslim can't do so then they must not complain about being suspected and hated as suspected terrorists.

Who is responsible for Muslims branded as suspected Terrorists, Terrorists or Muslims themselves?

Muslim leaders keep complaining about all Muslims being branded as Terrorists, then why Muslim Religion and Society in a single voice haven't issued FATWA to have a Holy war against Terrorists?

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