Back to School and its headaches



So this week coming up I'm starting to get everything ready for my kids going back to school.

So this week coming up I'm starting to get everything ready for my kids going back to school. They start school on the 15th of this month. My son will be entering the first grade and my daughter will be going to preschool. Having both my kids going to school is pretty exciting, but soon it will be three of them as my youngest daughter will go to preschool herself and it will be more hectic from what I'm doing now.

First it's getting the house schedule ready for the school year...from looking at it from far away, it actually looks like a lot but it really isn't. I’m actually able to get stuff done easily now that the other kids will be in school and all I have to take care of during the day is the two youngest kids. Rescheduling from summer to School is pretty easy it’s just trying to execute them is what's so tough...what might look good on paper may not work out once you try to do it, but it is something I might have to adjust once we start school.

The next headache where going through is getting school supplies with little to no money. Luckily we planned this out and gotten a few things before we went back into a financial snug this week. But we'll just have to wait a bit before we can get the rest of their stuff...but the requirements that the teachers ask for is getting a bit crazy as the years go by. Not to mention my children's school is so unorganized. They don't give out the school supplies list until two days before school starts! It's a bit annoying but luckily I had a list from last year and we went by that.

It's also pretty tough not being able to do the shopping that you want because of financial restraints. But it’s about taking our time and soon (by next year) we'll be able to prepare for the school year the way we want it.

As crazy as it is trying to get there stuff and get the house’s still better than what I had a few years ago and last year,  I wasn’t able to do anything for the kids last year and a few years ago when my oldest started kindergarten, we were in a shelter so we had to give the shelter an estimate of how much we spent on school supplies, so for that we are much better off this here's to a successful school year for my little ones and for your little ones as well :)

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