What do Wars Bring?



Wars art more complicated than we can ever imagine-

I was born during the Korean conflict and have spoken with many who are young about it.  They asked this American-"How is Your Father in Law? "He is long dead" I replied.

"Oh" the man said.

"Yes-he was a tortured prisoner of war in Korea and it did cause harm.


"But he was a Christian, and forgave and understood all about life and death."

You see-he was divorced at a young age. His wife was born a Native American in New Mexico and he was born in Mexico-a very long time ago. She wanted to marry his brother but he married another woman.

They had four fine sons. The oldest too care of his Mother when she was old. She never had the money to come and take her children after all four were born-so she went from man to man doing the best she could.

Her name was Selena. When they married in New Mexico, they had the oldest son. His name was Samuel David. Back then the Boarder Patrol just did not want to waste one bullet- so they shot anyone crossing the boarder from Mexico into America. My father in law exchanged his birth certificate with his wife to make a better life for all of his family.

One of the Rangers I had heard about-he asked his grand son if he could get into Heaven for all the ones he had murdered. The young boy said, "Yes-Grandpa-Jesus does give you forgiveness if you only ask Him" and the Ranger did ask Jesus the Lord into His heart that night.


At this time in History, there is so much jealousy and hatred for Americans. Why is this?

People in many Countries see how we live and believe we are all rich and have plenty of money.

May I say?  "Money is nothing and will not help you when you die". It is only a means of helping others for G-d can take you out of this Earth at any time." In fact-if you were even born-you are one of the fortunate ones."

Wars cost so much money and what does it really teach? I believe it teaches children how to hate another Country.

Paul was a disciple of Jesus and a Roman citizen who had murdered many and Jesus blinded him. Then He spoke to him and asked him from Heaven-Why do you kick against the goad? In other words-Why are you killing My people?

After three days a Prophet was sent to Paul and said to him

"Your name is now Paul-no longer Saul.

G-d has rules and many do not like this. He has an order to things.  Young men with no work and no families have nothing better to do than cause problems in this World. Not all as we are each different.

No one on this earth is the same as any other.

Evil leaders who listen to ungodly  experts and say-"Do this or do that" well they may just be wrong.

Who wants their children to die? I certainly do not but since G-d placed them here on this earth-I can only pray for them and speak life's wisdom to them.


America has tried to help many other Countries all throughout her history. We have all cultures here and all colors and all mixes.

Americans have tried to restore order in the Middle East and it is still at War.

G-d even has a book of Wars.

All humans know there are angels and with children-they have many around them at all times. Each of us also has one angel -if we believe.

G-d does not protect his own at times for some unknown reason.  Maybe it has to do with free will choices.

Maybe someone just made a mistake we call human error.

So much no one can even know about G-d but we are told He is lie a Loving and kind Father who watches over His children. He gave us commandments.

We call these the Ten Commands-and they are also many. But one says-Honor Your Mother and Father that your days may be long on Earth.

How do we do this? Take the good they taught you and be yourself.

What is important in your life? It is money? When you die you cannot take anything out of this World. Some may believe you can-but that is impossible.

Some may believe there is sex in Heaven but we are told we will be in a Spiritual form-without the body.

Death is just leaving your body and you will never die.

What is important is where you spend Eternity.

One Angel tried to be G-d and we call Him Satan. G-d saw what that one we call the Devil was doing and made him master over Hades-not here on this Earth.

He rules over lost souls and does His best-with his other angels and powerful spiritual being to get you to do wrong. He is called the Great Tempter. He tries to get you to do wrong. What is wrong? To harm other humans and animals.

Not to take care of this Earth is wrong. For the whole Universe belongs to G-d -not any human.


Humans are made in the Image of G-d.

Good has eyes and sees all. He has ears and hears all.

He made darkness and light. He made all of this Universe.

So we need not call any Country-Satan for that is not true-it is evil.

All it takes is water and a banana to live on this earth. Fresh air is good too and since no one know when they will die-we must be prepared. I do not want to die knowing I have murdered or stolen from others.

I have a strong conscience.  That is the little voice inside that lets us know when we do what is right or wrong.

Mind altering drugs make human brains work in strange ways and cause many more problems.

Some people are so evil they cannot even see what they are doing is evil-and some do evil on purpose-that is human nature.

When one Country does evil to another Country-the suffering is horrible.

So choose life and be happy you are even alive.

Have you thanked G-d today for your problems and lack? Have you worked for what you have or did you take it?

If you steal-G-d will cause you to loose all you have and that means even your children.

If you place yourself in a position and say-nothing matters and expose yourself to diseases you will get them.

I was a jail Nurse. I saw much suffering here in America. And since we are a mix of all Nations-what do you expect? Perfection of this Earth?

There is no such thing as perfection-Only G-d is Perfect.

You have the choice to make this Earth better or worse. What have you done today to make it better?

Author Brenda Winters



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