Christmas/Holidays/Fires/Prevention of Mishaps



Be safe this Holiday-no matter where you live

When I was a young woman-I had a special Father who taught me how to change the filters on our air conditioning system.

I know we had it hard too- for in America in the 1950's we had no air conditioning. And the temperature was high and very high at times. We used a towel and the window to cool ourselves and an old ice house-and then we had ice trays when we had electricity. Now we need a portable beer container and ice to store food if the power goes out-it saves food.


So this season-please look over you home or apartment or even your tent and make sure you and your family are safe.


If you want to prevent rape as a woman-carry some spray that is not illegal-you do not need to be in jail at Christmas time. Just spray it lightly into any animal's direction and that should give you time to run away.


Get a smoke detector and check the batteries-I have said this many times before to my readers but I am tired of seeing home and car fires on the news that were preventable.

Criminals work so hard this time of year and if they would just work there would be less for all of us to do.


I shop at Goodwill-so take some advise from me Mister Thief--you can afford Good Will-the Salvation Army or any shelter for free until you get help and you will not be locked up for ten years because you thought you deserved a piece of silver of gold.


I use fake gold and silver too.


Trees and fake flowers need to be thrown out maybe-or use the real ones and watch the children-remember poison berries on the Mistle toe tree.

Know your trees and plants-all over the World-what is local and all over-


Children love to put anything in their mouth-I dropped one pill on a store floor and had the man working there help me pick it up-Why-I do not want to harm your child.


Thank you to all of my Readers for your time.

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