Novel: Behind the scenes



The Journey of my first novel.

Question: Why am I writing this?

Answer: It's my first post and my first time writing a novel.

I started my novel somewhere on the 20th January 2016 and finished my first draft on the 4th February 2016, with the irrational thought that it would be polished enough. See I've had this scene playing in my head for years and some nights just before I would fall asleep, I would play out this scene. The characters would change depending on whatever I was in to at the time, i.e. teen wolf, black dagger brotherhood series, twilight, the originals to name a few. Eventually I decided to put it down into words, the hilarious thing is that it took me Seventeen chapters, that's right seventeen chapters to get to the scene I'd dreamed about. I remember I worked through the night and most of the morning when I got close to chapter 17, writing like a mad man because I needed to get the chapter out. That was definitely an amazing milestone, to see your scene all there in words. Conceptualized and visualized, taking form in this fictional world you created. There's no other feeling like it, but then again I was high of no sleep. Writing the book was an amazing journey, from having the basic outline in your mind to actually going into the chapters, splitting up the plot to lead up to one another. I don't think I ever got writer's block per say, as I wrote each chapter the next one would form but there were days when the idea for the next chapter would come but the words wouldn't come with it, not so easily as the others did anyway. So I would have to walk around, lie on a bed, go outside, have more showers than is necessary (LOL). Just do anything mundane so that my mind would wander enough to figure out the next chapter or scene.

I am probably one of the kings of procrastination, heck if I wasn't I would have started this novel last year November. I was at home, I had the time. But instead all I did was download movies and tv series then watch them. Every series and movie I could find that I like, I got it.

I would like to say I found the will power to eventually write but it was more like I basically ran out of the stuff I like to watch and my cat died leaving an empty hole no movie or series could fix.

So back to the book, I finally finished it!!! Which is awesome but I dunno I enjoyed
the climb more than getting to a peak.... I'm definitely not at
the top yet that would be once the book get's published but writing the draft was an awesome experience. I learned alot about myself in the process.

What's the problem then?
EVERYTHING that comes after your first draft manuscript if finished. I submitted my story to a few beta readers, mostly the ones that offered to do it for free but one beta was generous enough to help with the first 5000 words. Whistle* what an eye opener. Firstly in my haste to finish the novel, I left out alot of description and detail. focusing on progressing the story and dialogue.
Here's what I need to sort out:
How much of the actual street names or places do I need to include?
Some of my characters descriptions I kind of broke up through the story, is this ok?
Dialogue reduction maybe?
Location descriptions and building the world.
Do I really have to include street names? or actual distances between objects?

Anywho, she edited some of it and gave me the sample, the errors I made were grievous I should have self edited more before giving it out to the beta's. Also since I live in South Africa and the book is based in Seattle, there were some words that we use that americans don't.
Luckily I met a girl online named Rachel and she helped me greatly understand the american way. specifically school themes like summer vacation, subjects, schedules.

There's just so much information out there about self publishing, agents, editing, beta reading, building a following. it's insane to try and keep up. I've read many blogs and watched many author interviews, they barely talk about the insanity after you finish the novel. I promise myself that if I ever give an interview or am talking to fans I will tell them exactly what happens after you finish a novel. because it's scary business the time frame of it all. it's been 5 days since I finished the novel and I'm no where near sending out a query letter.

Here are some links that I'm going to be using post first draft:
====>>>An amazing free editing site.

Now I have to go back, figure out how to creatively make the narrative more provocative, add on to character and location description then fix the dialogue tags. I'm not sure whether I should give my self a date to query with an agent.
Because I also I have daunting task of creating a query letter. I mean how's a new writer with no writing credentials make his/her bio sound good? I can't lie, I can't go instantly get a writing credit under my name. I haven't seen any writing conferences here in south africa to go to. Besides all the best sellers here are mostly non fiction or about race and alot of historical incidents. Sigh.
I am going to believe in myself and my stories, that we will somehow change this unfairness in my country, by giving more fiction and science fictions writers a bigger market to step into.

I'll end this first entry now with the hope that I can get this all done in a timely manner.
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